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Astigmatism how to prevent the disease

  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

    Astigmatism can develop in conjunction with nearsightedness or farsightedness. If it is available with myopia, it is called myopic. If accompanied by farsightedness gipertermiceski.

    Astigmatism in children can be of three types simple, complex and mixed. It is necessary to know that children, the disease mostly occurs at the genetic level there is a transfer from parents. Therefore, if one of the adults is sick astigmatism, the born baby need to be examined as early as possible, because then it is easier to rid him of the disease.


    Medicine is difficult to give a precise answer regarding the causes of astigmatism. Sometimes it may arise as a result of the operation (cataract and other) or some kind of eye injury (penetrating injury, etc). In each of these cases, the astigmatism causing tissue scarring and deformation of the corneas. There is another case that can cause disease wrong form of the lens. In this regard, developing irregular astigmatism.


    Astigmatism, symptoms which are similar to the symptoms of many ocular diseases, occurs in different ways because of their stages. Most often the symptoms develops like this the person loses the clarity of vision, he will start to hurt and redden the eye (including burning), if it continues a long load of them (reading during movement, often sitting at the computer), then there is difficulty in determining the distance between objects, there is their split.


    Astigmatism, which is not treated in a timely manner, often leads to sharp decrease in visual acuity or strabismus. In addition, patients with astigmatism a regular haunt of headache, eye fatigue and pain.

    If to speak about children’s astigmatism, or rather, the complication is even more dangerous, as the children progresses, the delay in the development of the visual system. This means that it becomes worse the eye cells and the chances of development of amblyopia.


    Astigmatism can be diagnosed only by the doctor who performs the following procedures

    • check visual acuity
    • determination of ocular refraction and myopia
    • measurement of eye length (it will be a judgment about the progression of myopia)
    • check intracranial pressure.


    In order to avoid astigmatism, it is recommended to observe the following rules

    • carefully follow the lighting of the workplace (to unsubscribe from the fluorescent lamp)
    • to arrange timely break when the visual load
    • to perform simple exercises for the eyes (say, Shichko-Bates)
    • taking vitamins with lutein (especially if the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables)
    • time to identify and treat eye diseases
    • to use eye massagers, to maintain normal circulation.


    In modern medicine known 3 main methods of treatment of astigmatism contact lenses (toric), glasses (cylindrical lenses) laser correction of astigmatism. To do this, use excimer laser correction, which is the action of removing excess corneal layers, leading to blurred vision. After surgery, the cornea of the eye will be perfectly round (spherical). Besides, surgery is less traumatic, and the recovery period is minimal.