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Arthritis and arthrosis

  1. The symptoms of arthritis
  2. Prevention of arthritis and osteoarthritis

    If the arthritis occurs in a mild form, or is in the initial stages, people may experience pain in a certain time of day (e.g. only at night) or during exercise. In that case, if arthritis has already acquired the chronic form, pain can become permanent.

    Science distinguishes two main characteristic by which you can divide arthritis monoartrit that affects only one joint, and arthritis in the case when the joints several. Most often suffer from pain in the fingers, shoulder and knee joints and the feet it was also found that women suffer from arthritis more often than men.

    All other classification of this disease depend on the fact that the impetus for its development. Distinguish between inflammatory and degenerative arthritis. In that case, if the affected connective tissue within the cartilage, diagnosed inflammation these include infectious, rheumatoid and reactive arthritis, and gout. To degenerative arthritis include traumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis.

    Infectious arthritis caused due to viral, fungal or bacterial infection.

    Causes of rheumatoid arthritis are frequently caused by allergies, injury, or heredity, is also its important feature consists in symmetric defeat of joints.

    In reactive arthritis the joints, on the contrary, one is struck asymmetrically, there he is, in most cases, because of urogenital or intestinal infection.

    Gout uric acid salt is actively deposited in the body tissues and joints, which leads to frequent painful attacks and the formation of gouty nodes in addition, gout more often affects men.

    The symptoms of arthritis

    The first sign is often General fatigue and malaise, which are often mistaken for normal fatigue. Then there are the constant joint pain that is often worse at night and toward morning, they can be weak and aching, but may greatly increase, limiting mobility. In addition, the joint swells, the skin over it is red and sensitive to touch infectious arthritis is often accompanied by chills or fever.

    For accurate diagnosis of the disease should consult a doctor, be sure to do x-rays, blood tests and, possibly, fluid accumulated around the joint.

    Arthritis is also a chronic disease of the joints, and because of the similar names often cause confusion, so we should also say about what arthritis is different from osteoarthritis.

    In the first case we are dealing with an inflammatory disease, in the case of osteoarthritis pain in joints arise due to the destruction of cartilage, that is, the main role is played not by inflammatory processes, and degenerative this is the main difference arthritis arthrosis.

    Arthritis is divided into primary and secondary, with the primary cause of the disease is, for example, the constant and heavy physical work, that is damaged initially healthy joint. In secondary osteoarthritis the disease manifests itself on an already deformed joint, the cause may be long-standing trauma and metabolic disorders.

    Early arthritis gives himself the unpleasant sensations and crackles in the affected joint in flexion. Next, there is already pain under load and motion, and in the later stages almost completely impaired mobility of the affected joint if destructive changes went too far, it often happens that recovery is impossible. Will be able only to slow the progression of the disease and relieve severe pain attacks.

    Among the causes of osteoarthritis of genetic predisposition to various congenital diseases of bones and joints, as well as some acquired factors are excessive weight, previous injury, older age, and hormonal disorders. Repetitive strain of the joint and various infectious diseases in history (such as typhoid and syphilis, for example) also belong to these reasons.

    What are similar symptoms had arthrosis and arthritis, the difference is very significant, and accurate diagnosis in this case is of great importance, because treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis occurs in different ways. In the first case, it is important to suppress inflammatory and autoimmune processes, in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the most important mechanical restoration of the joint. However, in both cases, the need for timely comprehensive treatment to protect the patient from the complete immobility of the joint.

    In the treatment of arthritis, prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, ointments and gels, relieving acute pain if the arthritis is infectious, antibiotics are appointed. Based on the individual characteristics of the organism, select massage, physiotherapy and a variety of heating, ultrasound. Also recommend physiotherapy to maintain joint mobility. You must reconsider your diet food should be correct and balanced. In severe cases, practice the use of stem cells for arthritis treatment if the treatment is not helping, it is necessary to resort to surgical intervention and to replace the affected joint with a prosthesis.

    Treatment of osteoarthritis does not require a hospital stay, often prescribed painkillers, physiotherapy and massage, practice the treatment with leeches.

    If possible, you should go for a Spa treatment, mud baths, radon baths have a wonderful effect on the repair of cartilage. In that case, if you restore the cartilage fails, the main task is to stop the destructive processes, that are assigned chondroprotectors. Do not expect instant results it is necessary to carefully follow all recommendations of the doctor, and then the improvement will not keep itself waiting.

    Prevention of arthritis and osteoarthritis

    Simple preventive measures will help to prevent the emergence and development of these diseases.

    In order to avoid arthritis, you should minimize the load on the joints not to throw the legs while sitting, do not abuse the high-heeled shoes, and to try to get rid of excess weight. It should be remembered that excessive caffeine and Smoking also adversely affects the health of the joints.

    Care about their health, adhering to a healthy balanced diet are the basis of prevention of these diseases. It is useful to accustom themselves to daily exercises in the morning it will not require any financial costs and does not take much time, but will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the joints. We should not lightly treat colds and viral infections, as mentioned above, they often provoke the development of arthritis and arthrosis.