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Anorexia in women

  1. The symptoms of the disease
  2. Pregnancy anorexia

    Anorexia is a mental disorder in eating behavior of a person, the consequence of which is a failure or a hard limit calories and number of meals. Develops most often as a result of constant desire to set the perfect indicators of the body and a distorted perception of own body (the person can persistently consider themselves fat with the apparent thinness).

    Most at risk of developing the disease are young women aged 14-25 years and women of age 30-35 years.

    The disease typically has three stages of primary, and an anorectic coactions. The first signs of anorexia in the early stages in girls are manifested in the form of active expression of discontent with my body and the constant desire to bring it to performance standard. In the second stage of anorexia, the patient loses a significant amount of weight and continued to lose weight in all possible ways. In the third stage, the disease has a negative impact on the whole body, leading to disease and degeneration of organs.

    The symptoms of the disease

    The first sign of the development of anorexia in women is a significant weight loss exceeding 20% of the total weight recommended by doctors. But, as mentioned above, is a manifestation of the disease is observed on the second stage. The previous stage can last from six months up to 1,5-2 years and in this period it is important to identify the disease and begin to deal with it.

    The difficulty to diagnose the disease in its early stages, is that woman, the patient with anorexia refuses to acknowledge the presence of the disease. And, even at alarmingly low weight and continue to lose weight in all possible ways. Anorexic can to hide from others the manifestation of the disease, arguing that the refusal from food any pretext, hiding the weight loss under baggy clothes spacious.

    Symptoms of anorexia nervosa among girls and women are manifested in physical and behavioral traits.

    Physical signs include

    • permanent weight loss
    • the development of diseases of the stomach, intestines
    • brittle dry hair and nails, dry, prone to irritation skin
    • dizziness, loss of consciousness
    • attention span, impaired mental functioning of the brain
    • failure or cessation of the menstrual cycle.

    With longer exposure to disease, physical signs of anorexia in girls and women can manifest as diseases of blood, cardiovascular system, bones. Advanced forms of the disease leads to dehydration in severe form, kidney failure, infertility.

    Symptoms of anorexia nervosa, which manifests itself in the behavior of girls include

    • daily control of weight and parameters of the figure and the accompanying criticism of his body
    • preoccupation with dieting and fasting to achieve your goals
    • all free time is calorie counting and the definition of products banned for use
    • unnatural ways of eating (the provoking of vomiting, taking diuretics and laxatives, spitting, not swallowing food after chewing)
    • the pleasure of feeling the body’s feelings of hunger
    • isolation, loss of need for fellowship, food occupies the entire space of interest.

    In case of detection of a number of behavioural and physical signs of the disease, it is necessary to ask experts for qualified help. Than earlier you will be able to identify the disease, the easier it will be to cure him.

    Pregnancy anorexia

    Pregnancy and anorexia incompatible processes. The development of such eating disorders during pregnancy can lead to irreversible consequences miscarriage, birth polnovatogo of the child, the birth of a child with a serious disease.

    In the case of unplanned pregnancies in anorexia, the patient should immediately report their illness to the doctors, if she wants to save the child’s life. In this case, constant supervision of professionals, chances of a successful pregnancy.

    If female, the patient with anorexia is planning her pregnancy, without the help of doctors she can not do. As for the conception of the fetus need a healthy balance of hormones in the body, the first thing you need to do to recover after a period of anorexia. For a normal conception and pregnancy the level of female hormone estrogen and the condition of the mother’s body must be normal. That is why it is important to treat anorexia early on, to avoid irreversible consequences. Then it will be possible to lead a normal life of a healthy person.