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Alzheimer s Disease

  1. The causes of Alzheimer’s disease
  2. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
  4. Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

disease of the nervous system, is the most common cause of dementia in old age and not curable. Certain brain cells die and lead to senile or senile dementia. In Alzheimer’s disease is often the first cells begin to die in the brain responsible for memory. So the first signs of disease can be memory loss, difficulty remembering new information.

Alzheimer’s disease is more common in women because their life expectancy is longer than men. The first symptoms can occur in menopause, but the disease manifests itself after 10-15 years. Alzheimer’s disease occurs between the ages of 65 to 74 years, but more often after 85 years. A large number of patients observed in developed countries, with increasing life expectancy.

The causes of Alzheimer’s disease

The first warning signal is a change in memory at any age. The reasons for the development of Alzheimer’s disease have so far not been established. Occurs an extensive extinction of brain cells, which causes the loss of mental abilities and memory. The cause of Alzheimer’s disease can be a low level of substances, which participate in the transmission of nerve impulses, various brain tumors, poisoning with toxic metals.

The main cause of Alzheimer’s disease is a genetic predisposition she inherited. If in the family there were cases with this disease, the risk is very high. Doctors believe that people prone to depression and anxious States are at risk and those who care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Among the factors in the emergence of the disease distinguish of diabetes and high blood pressure. High blood pressure and stroke can damage the blood vessels of the brain, reducing oxygen levels in cells. This leads to impaired memory, decision-making skills of speech. High cholesterol can also cause Alzheimer’s disease, as it damages blood vessels.

At risk of Alzheimer’s disease include people with various brain injuries due to blows to the head or other injuries of the skull, in the accident. They lead to loss of memory and consciousness, some brain cells die. Boxers or combatants are constantly receiving head injuries, the most vulnerable to the disease.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease occurs in several stages. The most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are

  • partial memory loss
  • distraction
  • constant worry
  • and apathy

  • frequent change of mood
  • the loss of orientation in time, space and location.

At the initial stage of development the first sign of Alzheimer’s disease may be complaints about the difficulty of filling the documents problems with the calculation, can change the handwriting. Patients get delirium, hallucinations, convulsions occur. A person is not able to read, write, do mental arithmetic, speech becomes scarce and poor. The patient may repeat the same phrase, entangled in time, showing anger or apathy. With time such person becomes defenseless and immobile. Speaks incoherently and not able to perform the simplest things.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s become more vivid in the later stages of the disease. The patient cannot move or speak, not oriented in space and time, no longer recognizes loved ones. People with this diagnosis you forget their identity, age, facts of life, consider themselves young, enliven the dead friends or relatives. At the last stage a person does not remember how to eat, dress, use Cutlery, to go to the toilet. Behind it needs thorough care throughout the day.

Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

In modern medicine medicines for Alzheimer’s disease does not exist, scientists are still working to develop. Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease may lie in patient care and medication smoothing the manifestation of dementia. Many studies in the field of senile dementia given to understand how Alzheimer’s disease affects brain cells. Today, scientists are searching for more effective treatments and measures to prevent the disease and improve the condition of the brain.

Caring for the patient diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other neurological disorders require a lot of effort and patience. In the early stages of the disease the patient is able to live independently and to monitor themselves. When the disease begins to progress, the patient will require more care and assistance round the clock. Native hard to care for a sick family member, as his behavior changes dramatically, can be aggressive. In this case, need professional help. As drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease does not exist, the average patient can live 5-7 years, some lived 12 and 20 years.

Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

According to studies, active mental activity throughout life, knowledge of at least two languages is able to prevent the progression of the disease. The causes of Alzheimer’s disease is still unknown, drug to treat there, so it is important to observe preventive measures. There are many ways to help prevent serious illness

  • necessary to quit Smoking
  • to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • healthy food, rich in fruits, vegetables and vitamins
  • to maintain physical activity every day and to engage in any sports at least twice a week.

In old age people read less and participate in active activities. Scientists say that to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s is possible, to be mentally and socially active. Read more art books, Newspapers and magazines, be interested in what is happening. Less than watching TV, and walk in the fresh air with interesting people. Try not to succumb to sad moods, a positive look at life. Socializing with friends will help to cope with a bad attitude.

Sign up at any club and owlcotes something new. Helps learning foreign languages, playing a musical instrument. In prevention of Alzheimer’s disease can include visiting a variety of seminars and courses, crossword puzzles, playing tennis, Golf and chess, a game of bowling. Studies have shown that classes in fine motor skills can protect you from Alzheimer’s disease. You can glue application, doing beading, knitting, cross stitching and collect pictures of puzzles. Thanks to restored neural connections and reduces the risk of developing the disease.

Diet reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Many scientists agreed that food directly affects the appearance of Alzheimer’s disease. They have developed a special diet that will help protect you from serious illness

Include in the diet more vegetables and fruits. According to studies by American and Japanese scientists, regular consumption of vegetables and fruit, fresh juices, prevents Alzheimer’s disease. They have a positive impact on the condition of blood vessels, strengthening their walls, reduce the level of cholesterol.

  • Often eat the berries. Berries consist of biologically active substances and vitamins. Anthocyanosides special compounds that protect brain cells from free radical damage and help to strengthen memory.
  • Include in food products containing high levels of fatty acids omega-3. Such foods include salmon, tuna, mackerel, and avocado. They help protect the body against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. According to studies, the disease can be delayed for 7-9 years.
  • For the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease need to eat foods that contain folic acid. Thanks to the folic acid reduced the level of amino acids, increased level of which leads to a weakening of the inner walls of the arteries. At elevated levels of homocysteine are reduced cognitive functions.
  • Also food should be consumed as health drinks in the form of juice. Studies have shown that a daily intake of grape juice will help protect you from Alzheimer’s disease. The composition of the skin of the grapes contains special substances that protect brain cells from the harmful effect of the oxidative process. Constant stress or damage to the body lead to oxidative process in cells and the accumulation of beta amyloid protein, one of the main factors causing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The diet should include more seafood. They contain sulfur, which has a positive effect on brain cells and protects against the risk of the disease of dementia. Shrimp should be careful, as they have high content of cholesterol.
  • To protect yourself from the disease of Alzheimer’s, you must exclude from your diet of harmful and dangerous products that contain animal fats, an increased amount of salt and sugar. Is red meat (pork and beef), butter, margarine, fatty cheeses, flour products (except durum pasta), desserts and sweets with dyes, treated with hot foods, food from fast food, smoked products. Such food contributes to the accumulation of fat and increased cholesterol that destroys blood vessels and negatively affects brain cells.

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Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most severe forms of acquired dementia, characterized by loss of short – and long-term memory due to the accumulation in neurons of the brain plaques of the abnormal protein structure that leads to their death and degeneration of whole sections of the cerebral cortex.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most severe forms of acquired dementia, characterized by loss of short – and long-term memory due to the accumulation in neurons of the brain plaques of the abnormal protein structure that leads to their death and degeneration of whole sections of the cerebral cortex.