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Allergy to cosmetics – symptoms treatment

  1. Causes allergic reactions
  2. Symptoms of allergies to cosmetics
  3. The speed of propagation of the allergic reaction
  4. First aid for allergic reaction

At risk called allergic to cosmetics includes everything without exception (even small children who have become consumers of children’s cosmetic products).

By the way, contrary to common belief, to manifest such dermatitis may after using branded funds.

allergy free cosmetics

Here sun not expensive or cheapness of production, and individual characteristics of the organism.

Causes allergic reactions

What is behind the reasons for the emergence of such diseases? In the first place, can influence the increased susceptibility of the immune system to a potential allergen. This will help to ensure that the reaction to him at the body starts the synthesis of antibodies, in re-displaying the directly to already outgrow the Allergy.

The allergen can penetrate the human body in two ways either in the interaction with the skin or through the respiratory tract. Both options will lead to the development of classical allergic reactions in both cases will happen an atypical reaction to a compound of protein and foreign chemical compounds (cosmetics).

Symptoms of allergies to cosmetics

For severe symptoms, Allergy to cosmetics is divided into the following options for Example, a manifestation of contact dermatitis was the redness and the subsequent appearance of small blisters (itching, however, not observed). The skin in these areas may begin to peel off, and in mechanical contact appears essential pain. The next option would be a change in the reactivity of the skin in relation to any specific component. Externally, this condition will not occur, but the feeling of tightening, tingling will not leave the patient (usually this occurs in women with very thin and light skin). And finally, what do we mean by allergic contact dermatitis will occur over the next three to seven days after direct contact (here there are all the symptoms of the rash and roughness, itching, redness, dryness).

By the way, to change the reactivity of the immune system towards a predisposition to allergies, can spicy, fried and fatty foods, alcohol, stress. Such a reaction is not uncommon and the abuse of chemical peeling. And the most common cause is incorrectly matched cosmetic.

Allergy to cosmetics - symptoms  treatment

Allergic to makeup on eyes

Special trouble gives Allergy on the eyes for makeup in addition to purely aesthetic problems, in its severe forms it makes it impossible to see normally. To avoid such complications, you need to carry out prophylactic treatment to prevent disease. For example, it is recommended to use cosmetics in which lower intensity of chemicals. Best of all, if you are allergic to the eyes to cosmetics will be to abandon the use of soap funds, due to the fact that they are very dry skin. A procedure known as exfoliation, you should also restrict (or to abandon it altogether.) Great importance has the food restrictions should be deleted entirely, which could trigger a sharp decline in immune background. Also the skin should always be protected from the negative effects of the environment.

The speed of propagation of the allergic reaction

By the way, the time required for the development of this dermatitis will differ depending on what cosmetic products we use. For example, perfumes cause rapid reaction, appearing within minutes or hours after exposure. But soap products have affect the body quite a long time – from several days to weeks. Sometimes it even takes years, to a similar allergen to act.

Fortunately, the severe forms are found in the body is very rare. But mild forms are quite common. But ten percent of the total world population figure is very impressive (and, to a greater extent this applies to women).

First aid for allergic reaction

At the slightest signs of Allergy to cosmetics, it is best to consult a doctor who will find the true cause. At home it is best to do the following in the first place, you need to remove all the makeup from the skin, wash with plenty of water. If the reaction has affected the eyes, wash them with chamomile or tea. Two days from using any cosmetic products it would be best to refuse. It is best to Supplement the treatment by taking antihistamines (the best – and Tavegil Suprastin. Very good at helping Prim inside of a decoction of nettles, which will suppress the resulting disorder.