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Allergy on skin treatment symptoms

  1. Prevention of skin allergies
  2. Types of skin allergies
  3. Treatment of skin allergies

    Skin Allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction of the skin that occurs due to contact with the allergen.

    The most common allergens are

    • MD.
    • Milk.
    • Animal dander (cats, dogs, small rodents etc.)
    • Dust.
    • Mold.
    • Nuts.
    • Citrus fruits.
    • Household chemicals.
    • Plant pollen.
    • Drugs.
    • Latex.

    Allergies in children is extremely common, according to some, it hurts every fifth child. But to recognize a child’s Allergy is extremely difficult, because it looks very similar to many other diseases, and he rebnok unlikely to explain about were atypical of their feelings. Treatment of children should be conducted by a specialist, because the complexity of the process and its duration to prove the child treatment the skill of the highest level. Independently parents do not have to choose a treatment, because a lot of nuances, which you do not know, plays a huge role in this process. You can harm.

    Prevention of skin allergies

    Prevention against the emergence of children’s skin allergies can be considered

    • The breastfeeding as long as possible (mother’s milk Allergy can not be, and yet the body is not fortified, do not expose it to the feeding of unstable products)
    • Monitor your diet while breastfeeding (gradually introduce into the diet on the product and watch the reaction of child’s organism)
    • If breast milk cannot be used, use only a special blend of substitutes that do not contain glucose
    • Do not give your baby foods of animal origin (meat, MD, eggs, butter and more.) until at least 5 months. Ideal is the beginning of the supply of such products from the year
    • Up to 18 months to give parents allergens chocolate, citrus, MD, exotic fruits, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, and products containing the dye
    • Watch for cleanliness in the apartment
    • Do not smoke in the presence of a child
    • Reduce the child’s contact with Pets.

    If you follow these fairly simple rules, your child will be less susceptible to allergens and the immune system will be strengthened.

    Types of skin allergies

    There are also such types of skin allergies

    Hives appearing on the skin burns, burns like nettles. Accompany them with blisters of different sizes and pruritus. Such allergies in children on the skin is a symptom of a food Allergy. In adults the rash is often chronic and lasts more than 6 weeks. She’s not allergic and occurs regardless of allergens. Otkom may be accompanied by angioedema.

    TCI angioedema, the most severe form of urticaria. A fast growing disease that is associated with otkom mucous membranes. Characterized by otkom of the larynx, lesions of the mucous membrane.

    Contact dermatitis is the manifestation of this Allergy on the skin is characterized in that it is manifested only in those places that have had direct contact with the allergen. Can occur in a few minutes and a few days after cessation of contact. In view of a perceived redness and outdoor exposed skin area, itching in this area, the appearance of blisters in this region, at the site of damaged vesicles occurs erosion, leaving behind yellowish crusts.

    Lyell’s syndrome a very serious disease, which is characterized not only allergic component, but severe toxic effects. The surface layer of skin peels off from the bottom with further necrosis. Characterized by high speed of course, serious condition of the patient, high fever, and numerous rashes.

    Atopic dermatitis is skin Allergy symptoms of this type appear, as a rule, at an early age. It manifests itself with itchy rashes. The facial skin appears milk scab, the redness and the appearance of crusts of yellow color. The head is covered with yellow greasy scales.

    You need to understand that the symptoms are such that can also occur in other diseases, so no diagnosis to treat yourself is not necessary, it may lead to deterioration of health, to the great harm and the occurrence of side effects.

    Treatment of skin allergies

    How to treat allergies on the skin and serzno important question. Should not be treated independently, the doctor definitely knows best how to help you. Most important in this difficult matter – to protect itself from the allergen. No harmful effects the treatment will be easier and much faster.


    Drugs that treatment

    Antihistamines relieve common allergic reaction, stop the production of histamine, and it is responsible for allergic reactions. Treatment of Allergy on the skin this way relieves the symptoms but does not cure fully.

    Corticosteroids are hormonal medications. Apply only on prescription, due to the fact that are used as emergency help and as a result, they have significant side effects.

    Immunomodulators funds, aimed at strengthening immunity. To strengthen the immune system use not only medical preparations, but also hardening, proper nutrition, sports, refusal of bad habits. Treatment skin allergies these methods are quite effective.

    Folk remedies for the treatment

    Also, there are folk remedies to combat allergies. These methods mainly focus on the use of herbs, activated charcoal and aromoterapie. The effectiveness of these techniques is controversial, because under such treatment, you may stumble upon another allergen that can even lead to death. So all the same it is recommended to use traditional medicine rather than witchcraft and herbal infusions.

    So what is the remedy for allergies on the skin be used? This is a purely individual thing and depends on what suits you more and which is more convenient.

    Tablets from skin allergies

    To antihistamine drugs include such pills skin allergies

    • Zyrtec non-hormonal drug is contraindicated in pregnant, lactating, children under 6 months, elderly people and people with renal insufficiency
    • Zodak – hormonal drug is contraindicated in pregnant, lactating, children upto 2 years, the elderly
    • Fenistil non-hormonal drug, is contraindicated for newborns, people with closed glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia, asthma, pregnant and nursing

    The pain, loratidine, tavegil and the like.

    Ointments from skin allergies

    Ointment allergies skin there are hormonal and non-hormonal. To hormonal include

    • Prednisone, Hydrocortisone (1 class and a little). You can use pregnant)
    • Ftorokort, Afloderm, Zenacort (class 2, secondary effect)
    • Advantan, Apulien, Elokom, Sinalar (class 3 action). Assigned when the need to immediately stop inflammation)
    • Dermovate, Halcyonic (grade 4, the effect of highly active). Only applies if the previous did not help.

    To non-hormonal remedies for allergies include

    • Psili-balm, Fenistil gel (relieve itching)
    • Futsidin, Levomikol, Levosin (bactericides)
    • Vidistis, Radevic, Actovegin, Solcoseryl (faster regeneration)
    • Bepanten, Panthenol (promotes healing)
    • Creams Allergy on the skin that contains lanolin (reduce scaling, soften the skin).

    Applying any drugs, it is recommended to consult a doctor, because self-medication is fraught with degradation, manifestation of numerous side effects. Appreciate its health and the health of their loved ones.