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Acute tonsillitis treatment tonsillitis

  1. The main symptoms of acute tonsillitis
  2. Treatment of acute tonsillitis
  3. Surgery

    Acute tonsillitis is quite unpleasant disease. Is characterized by inflammation of the tonsils. It may include including language adenoids and tonsils (tissue at the back of the tongue). People more popularly called acute angina, which has been known since time immemorial. The patient cannot swallow the saliva, eat. Often requires the intervention of a doctor. There are many options for fighting the disease. About the causes inflammation and methods of treatment of acute sore throats will talk with you in this article.

    The most severely affected

    children and adults under the age of 40 years. The peak of cases occurs in spring and autumn. There are several factors that encourage the infestation of the body with the disease. This is mainly a General cooling and a decrease in the activity of the body.

    The main symptoms of acute tonsillitis


    • pain in the throat when swallowing. She is strong enough. Time can reach 48 hours
    • General malaise
    • the increase in body temperature
    • often joint pain (break-up), headache
    • white or yellow coating on the tonsils
    • hoarseness or partial loss of voice
    • difficulty in breathing
    • loss of appetite
    • bad breath.

    Also it should be noted that very often acute tonsillitis incorrectly diagnosed. This disease has a variety of similar symptoms that do not refer to angina. Known repeated instances leading to such negligence. It is not superfluous to remind about similar symptoms. Make no mistake!

    • Sore throat is often caused by a viral infection and may be a harbinger of a cold.
    • The virus of simple

      (HSV) is also reminiscent of the symptoms of acute tonsillitis. Most common in young people.

    • Unilateral enlarged tonsils in people of advanced age can indicate a malignant tumor.

    Treatment of acute tonsillitis

    This procedure will depend on the cause of disease. For its determination, the doctor performs a strep test and takes a swab. If the patient be sick with a viral infection, the test result will be negative. Only the more serious bacterial type of sore throat in need of serious intervention of antibiotics.

    In the early days assigned to bed rest. At this time food should be very balanced and rich in vitamins. You need to consume plenty of fluids. Mineral water, milk, tea with lemon will have a most beneficial effect on the body. Equally useful are freshly squeezed fruit juices.

    In serious cases, is attributed to the course of treatment that will last 5 to 10 days. Most likely the patient will get better after a few days. Paramount in such a situation to be treated the whole time. Only then can you hope for full recovery without relapse.

    As antibiotics often used as penicillin. The patient uses it at 200 000 UNITS AND 6 times a day. When it is hypersensitive to erythromycin give 200 000 IU 4 times a day or opeteron 250 000 UNITS 4 times inside a day. Both drugs are taken for 10 days. Very useful is the use of acetylsalicylic acid and ascorbic acid.

    Wide application in the treatment of acute tonsillitis are a variety of solutions for

    (boric acid, potassium permanganate, furatsilina). Herbal teas of sage and chamomile are also popular (1 tbsp per Cup of water). Children who still do not know how to gargle must drink often and plenty of fluids. Fruit juice or hot tea will be just right.

    Lubrication of the pharynx is strictly contraindicated. This can lead to an exacerbation of angina.

    If the patient will show a viral infection, antibiotics will not be useful. It is advisable not to interfere with the body’s own strength to deal with acute angina. At the same time there are very effective methods, with which compliance will have on your body the most positive impact.

    Get plenty of rest. That is with proper rest and rebuild their forces will contribute to a speedy recovery.

    When body temperature normalizes and drink hot or very cold drinks. This imbalance may at first look negative to be on health. But it’s not. It will help to ease the pain in the throat.

    Eat foods that trigger a flood of endorphins in the blood. It would seem, what here it? But in that moment, when we enjoy protective functions of the body increase many times over. Infection the case as well. Take note of this.

    Systematically gargle warm salt water.

    For severe pain, use of lozenges containing benzocaine


    It may happen that treatment of acute tonsillitis standard methods will not bring their fruit. Tonsils may swell so much that breathing on the patient will be extremely difficult. Then they are simply removed surgically. There is no dispute that the tonsils are an important part of the immune system throughout life and need to try to do everything to avoid their removal. But this procedure is still better than the prospect of all the time suffocate from lack of oxygen. There are also nuances. Most of the operations are carried out with a scalpel. However, there are many alternatives to this traditional method. In many countries

    , radio waves, ultrasonic energy, or electrocautery. These methods are much less painful than using a scalpel.

    As with all surgical operations, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here you need to consult with your doctor to choose the best option.

    I hope that this article was able to shed some light on an actual disease of our time and you were able to glean a lot of useful information. Be healthy!