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Candida Yeast and Cancer: Is There a Connection?

Most people don’t know how dangerous candida yeast infection can be to your health. “Oh, it’s just a yeast infection!” is the usual response.but that’s not an educated response..and when you learn more about candida yeast, then you learn to take yeast infections seriously. And it’s my job, dear friend, to freely teach you..so let’s go to school.

A Little Background on my Experience with Cancer and Yeast:

In the last thirty years I have I spent a considerable amount of time supporting and working with AIDS and Cancer patients. I have oftentimes been struck with how much of a problem candida yeast is during a chemo or even natural therapy regimen. I also find it very interesting how many cancer/AIDS patients had (sometimes unknowingly) problems with candida yeast long before they were even diagnosed with cancer.

And yeast problems were one of the most frequent reasons why people came to see me for help in my health food store.

So what comes first? Cancer, or candida yeast problems? The two share a link!

If candida yeast is properly controlled, then could a significant number of cancers be prevented?

I really think so.. and I want to explain why..Candida (yeast) is one of the simplest life forms on the planet that normally lives quietly in our bodies. Yeast can usually be detected in the mucous lined areas that form the initial part of our immune system to trap invaders. Unlike acidophilus and other beneficial bacteria, yeast is a parasite that gives nothing and takes everything. It is the mucous lined areas that are most often struck by cancer.

Yeast co-exists, alongside the “good” flora/bacteria that form a critical component of our immune systems. The good bacteria (such as those found in various “live” acidophilus products) form the building blocks that the immune system uses to make its cancer fighting chemicals and cancer “killer cells” that are constantly working to track down and kill cancer cells in our bodies twenty four hours a day. This is why the different strains of acidophilus (found in sugarless yogurt and tablets) are so critical to the immune system. Beneficial bacteria knock down yeast and even eat it, to restore this delicate balance.

When the person’s immune system is compromised from being run down, is saturated by free radicals caused by life style, poor diet or pollution, or is damaged further by radiation, chemo or tumor development, then yeast jumps on the chance to overpopulate and overrun the body.

A systemic “whole body infection” occurs, affecting moods, sexual performance, libido, digestion, elimination, sleep, severe loss of energy, skin conditions, and food cravings. The yeast problem has now advanced well into the blood stream and is carried to vital areas, especially blood rich mucous lined areas, where it sets up shop to feed. It is yeast that literally eats our bodies, first, when we die.

Yeast is a basically a blood/tissue parasite robbing vial nutrients and poisoning the whole body with its enterotoxin by-products. Yeast also pumps up C-reactive protein levels in the body as a result of inflaming delicate damaged tissues in the throat, heart, colon, stomach, bladder, and lungs. This damaging inflammation cascade is considered a cancer promotion risk all by itself and a known risk factor for heart disease. For these reasons I take people’s yeast infections very seriously, which can be passed back and forth sexually.

Men can be seriously affected by yeast too. Prostate, bladder, and erectile dysfunction issues spring to mind when I think of the damaging effects of candida yeast on the male physique. Candida yeast infection is listed as a sexually transmitted disease by the Centers for Disease Control.

A large number of cancer patients fought chronic yeast problems long before they were diagnosed with cancer and these patients craved high yeast foods: sweets, beer/alcohol, breads, starches, etc. on a daily basis. So, researchers (according to the National Institutes of Health) have studied the long link between cancer and candida (yeast) overgrowth in the body. The same foods that feed yeast also feed cancer cells and promote the growth of tumors in the body.

Tumors naturally shrivel up and grow smaller when their blood vessel network is choked off and the glucose (blood sugar) that feeds them is choked off. These tumors may still remain in the body but may pose no real threat if they remain dormant and under control. Modern drugs and shark cartilage promote tumor necrosis (death) and choke off angiogenesis, which is the scientific term to describe how tumors grow and spread in the body by developing blood vessels that feed the tumors. Sugar is the preferred food for both yeast and cancer cells.

How may yeast contribute to the development of cancer and cause a person not to survive cancer?

That question may be addressed in three ways:

  1. It has been proven that yeast, as a normal part of its respiration and life cycle, produces enterotoxins that damage the mucus lined areas of the body (throat, esophagus, stomach, lungs, prostate gland, bladder, colon,) These areas of the body have a high turnover rate of cells which means the DNA can become easily damaged and turn cancerous. Yeast loves to overpopulate these areas and do cell damage that leads to the formation of cancer in the body. It is no surprise that one of the highest yeast foods, beer, is a favorite food of those who unknowingly are developing cancer. The person does not realize that high yeast foods, high starches, and sugars are feeding cancer in their particular bodies. Voracious cancer cells need glucose (sugar) to divide and robs the person of normal energy, which is why extreme fatigue is often the first sign of a compromised immune system and the start of cancer in the body long before it is detected on a test.
  2. Yeast infections have a profound effect upon the immune system which views yeast as a major offender/enemy. Instead of the body focusing upon fighting cancer, it’s busy fighting yeast too, which is why if you don’t lick yeast, your chances of surviving cancer will probably be nil. The lymph nodes become clogged with by- products of fighting yeast when they should be carrying dead cancer cells (killed by natural meds or chemo) out of the body. Yeast build up makes the blood acidic and cancer thrives in an acid environment. It is said that immunity against all disease begins in the colon and yeast strives to kill off all of the beneficial bacteria that the immune system uses to make it’s immunity chemicals and cancer killer cells that track down, surround and kill (engulf) cancer cells. These critical killer cells are tracking down yeast when they should be fighting cancer cells.
  3. Yeast infections predispose a person to picking up other infections that damage tissues and the DNA of cells leading to cell changes. A candida yeast infection is often the first sign of being infected by the virus that causes AIDS.

To summarize: the more savvy you become about controlling yeast the greater your chances of living out your life full and happy, free of cancer. And if you are already fighting cancer, bringing yeast under control often spells the difference between life and death. I have seen living, vivid proof of this with my own eyes..

Go to my Yeast Infection Remedy page to learn more about getting yeast under control and keeping it in check. Your good health depends upon being yeast savvy and why not use my years of experience to help yourself?