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Potato juice for gastritis

  1. Potato juice for gastritis
  2. Gastritis treatment with potato juice

    Treatment of gastritis potato juice at any time of the year, except March, as winter potatoes accumulate toxic substances – solanine and loses nutrients and vitamins. The best period is considered the fall and summer when potatoes are young and contains a lot of vitamins.

    Juice of potato is used in folk medicine in the treatment of many diseases. Thanks to its beneficial properties, potatoes are widely used in therapy, but there are a number of contraindications

    • the last stage of obesity
    • diabetes
    • the increased fermentation processes in the intestine
    • in some diseases of the kidneys
    • strong low acidity of gastric juice.

    Potato juice for gastritis

    Gastritis potato juice relieves unpleasant symptoms, as a laxative, antimicrobial, regenerating, analgesic, antispasmodic, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. With it, eliminates constipation, improves motility of the stomach, increases the appetite, is heartburn and pain symptoms in the stomach and intestines.

    To prepare the potato juice, take fresh tubers in the summer or fall. The tubers should be cleaned of the rind and squeeze the juice with a squeezer or with the help of a grater and gauze. Juice to drink immediately, as it spoils within 10 minutes. Drink the potato juice for gastritis need immediately after cooking, storing it is impossible, as it deteriorates and loses all useful properties. The most useful varieties are considered American pink, morning rose, and others.

    Gastritis treatment with potato juice

    To prepare a glass of juice, you need to take 3 potatoes. With erosive gastritis peel the potatoes is not necessary, just a good wash with a brush, the juice is cooked with the skin. Treatment of gastritis potato juice is half an hour before a meal one third Cup 3 times a day. After taking the juice should lie down for a bit, especially in the first days of therapy. The first dose should be one tablespoon of juice to test the reaction of the body. Under normal portability the juice of potatoes can be taken 4 times a day. It is not very pleasant to the taste, so it can be mixed with other juices or honey.

    Drink potato juice for gastritis need during the week in the morning in 100 ml. therapy is conducted with the rest in 7 days, then the treatment is repeated. Potato drink has a specific taste, so it is often mixed with juices of beets, carrots or cabbage.

    The juice from potatoes can be mixed with honey. 100 ml of juice is taken one tablespoon of honey and drink in the morning, 120 ml of drink mixed with honey and taken in the evening. If the patient has an Allergy to honey, the drink can be diluted with the juice of carrots. This is squeezed and drunk the drink of carrot and potato tubers. Consume this juice several times a day for two weeks. Then a break for a week and the treatment repeated.

    If the patient has gastritis with high acidity, the juice of the potato should be mixed with the juice of carrots, cabbage and beets. To do this, take one-fourth Cup of beetroot juice, half a Cup of potatoes, 50 ml of cabbage juice and 100 ml carrot juice. Drink this cocktail to three times a day during the week. Take a break, then the treatment can be resumed.

    Potato juice contains lots of acid and alkali, so it can destroy tooth enamel. To avoid this, it is recommended to drink it through a straw and rinse your mouth after administration. During the course of treatment of gastritis potato juice you need to follow a strict diet that it is the most effective. Should be excluded from the diet of fried, spicy, salty and smoked. The dishes should be cooked only for a few, uvarivaetsja or baked.