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Line Bo

  1. Causes of Beau lines
  2. Symptoms lines Bo
  3. Treatment lines Bo

Line Bo

horizontal waves (ridges) on the nails are caused by abrupt cessation of synthesis of keratin. Often occur in people who have experienced serious illness.

Causes of Beau lines

If to systematize the causes of the lines Bo, you can come to the conclusion that they arise due to

  • effects of drugs
  • injuries
  • metabolic abnormalities
  • temperature effects, etc.

Line Bo frequently occur in patients undergoing chemotherapy. At the same time, wavy nails can occur in people of any age, social and ethnic origin. In General, the line Bo is a negative reaction to some drugs, as well as on the condition of the body (malnutrition, infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, heart attack).

Damage to the nail, and prolonged exposure to extreme cold is also capable of provoking the line Bo. They can appear not only on hands but also on feet as a result of nail inflammation (e.g. eczema).

The line Bo represents the transverse wave depressions in the nail plates. Waves can be different, depending on the depth and width of depression, extent and duration of the lesion. A symptom of traumatic origin lines Bo irregularity of the waves and the presence of their not on all the nails. At the same time, the presence of lines on all nails at a similar areas indicates problems with metabolism or inflammatory processes in the body.

Symptoms lines Bo

Line Bo in most cases span the entire width of the nail plate. Even the typical loss of one of the nail indicates the presence of Beau lines. Figure out the amount of time that has elapsed since the beginning of the formations of waves is possible by measuring the distance from the cuticle near the proximal nail fold to the front edge of the line Bo. Given the average growth of the nail at a speed of 0.1 Matki (on hand) and 0,03 Matki (legs) can be calculated the beginning of the appearance of the lines that will allow us to pinpoint the cause of the violation.

Treatment lines Bo

If there are significant changes in the nails you should consult a specialist to clarify the reasons for the appearance of the lines Bo and possible destination therapy. In most cases, the line Bo disappear after a slew of new nail layer.

To help with diagnosis and possible treatment lines Bo can a specialist podiatrist. To find a specialist in your city and make an appointment for an appointment using the website