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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Treatment

Hypotension (hypotension)

reduction of blood pressure to 100/60 mm of mercury. article Total normal state of health is determined by its pressure. The human brain and blood pressure are closely interrelated, so when reduced pressure occurs oxygen starvation of the brain. Hypotension blood damages blood circulation and proper nourishment of body cells. Receiving a normal diet, the cells are processed with oxygen. But by-products remain, and they produce toxicity at low pressure.

A regulator of blood pressure is the brain and the baroreceptors detect a pressure level and trigger adaptation. The hormonal system is fed the signal from the nerve, and it secretes a substance adrenaline, constricts blood vessels.

Acceptable pressure supplied to the tone of the arterioles the mean diameter. With a weak adjustment of arterial pressure developing Central arterial hypotension. This happens when stress, when the stress factor running all the time, and compensatory mechanisms over.


There are reasons for the development of hypotension, one of which is the defeat of the center for regulation of blood pressure. This brain tumor is not always cancerous. There’s a simple compression of the baroreceptors for termination of the reaction on pressure change.

Infections toxins, which inhibit the baroreceptors. The consequence of this is the cessation of response to the action of adrenaline.


  • Blood pressure can be reduced, but at work and life is not affected
  • compensatory form of hypotension (in athletes). During sports blood pressure is greatly increased, but at a calm state of such a person pressure decreases
  • familiar geographical form of arterial hypotension (the inhabitants of the mountain regions of countries with a hot or cold climate). When the air has little oxygen or it is discharged, the pressure becomes low, the blood moves slower than usual to fill the organs with oxygen
  • collapse or severe form of hypotension. Sharply there is a decrease in blood pressure due to heart failure, brain injury or poisoning
  • chronic arterial hypotension. This form can be primary and secondary.


Emit, as noted above, the primary and secondary symptoms of the disease. It all depends on the reasons for the decrease in pressure.

The primary symptoms of hypotension inherent in any form of the disease. We observed weakness and reduced efficiency, dizzy from lack of oxygen. The characteristic nausea and drowsiness, and headache.

Secondary symptoms of hypertension is directly tied to the main reason that caused the decompression. There is loss of consciousness due to oxygen starvation of the brain. As a result of the change of body position from horizontal to vertical can be and fainting orthostatic hypotension.

The symptoms of hypotension endocrine disorders worsens the course of common diseases. Heart failure is increasing swelling that do not normally circulate the blood.


Treatment of hypotension will be more effective in establishing the true causes of reducing human pressure.

In acute cases a sharp decrease in the pressure applied shock treatment to restore the volume of blood or to remove toxins. Doing a blood transfusion. In case of poisoning washed stomach and vaccinated antidotes. Only this way can help in the treatment of this disease.

In the chronic form hypotension and normalize the tone of a person and the pressure will increase due to treatment aimed at normalizing the overall tone of the person. The pressure is enhanced by average physical exercise and medical treatment.

Hypotension in children is a simple name, familiar to us from school days vegetative-vascular dystonia on hypotonic type. Clinical manifestations of hypotension in a child is changeable and diverse. Most children complain of headaches, poor sleep, pain in the heart area, loss of appetite, intestinal pain, heavy stomach, nausea, and constipation.

People suffering from hypotension, you can not drink coffee. Caffeine dilates blood vessels, so under reduced pressure it can take. Thus, the expansion and contraction of blood vessels will lead to thinning of the walls of arterioles. Also should stop Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.


Know and follow some rules hardening coached the vascular system, strengthening the walls of arteries. You need to eat right, do not overeat. After all, it promotes proper and sufficient supply of oxygen in the human brain. You can apply the massage they cause the blood flow to certain areas of the body. Due to this the blood pressure increases. For a tonic effect for the body can use tincture of hawthorn, Siberian ginseng, ginseng, schisandra. These drugs do not increase blood pressure above normal. They are harmless and can be prescribed even for pregnant women.