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Hypotension eyes

  1. The causes of hypotension eyes
  2. The prevalence of the disease
  3. Symptoms of hypotension eyes
  4. Diagnosis and treatment of hypotension eyes

Hypotonia of the eye (or hypotension)

is called the lowering of intraocular pressure of 14 mm Hg.St. Hypotension eyes is a symptom of pathological conditions of the eye and certain diseases of the body. Normal intraocular pressure is formed when the pressure inside of the eye vitreous body, and intraocular fluid. This creates a is essential for vision tone eyes. But perhaps the appearance of hypotension eyes because of several reasons.

The causes of hypotension eyes

Hypotonia of the eye can occur because of leakage of joints after surgery eyes. Also the development of the disease can contribute to the injection in pozadovane space (they are used in certain diseases of the eye). In addition, the pathogen may be perforation of the sclera after the suture on the upper straight muscle of the eye or retinal detachment. On intraocular pressure negatively affected by taking certain medications, pathology of blood vessels in the eyes, lowered intracranial pressure, and inflammatory formation of intraocular fluid. Also the hypotonia of the eye may be due to diseases of the endocrine system.

The prevalence of the disease

The prevalence of such diseases as hypotension eyes, ranges from 3-5% to 40%.

Symptoms of hypotension eyes

The main symptoms of the disease include

  • swelling of the optic nerves
  • recurrent pain in the eyes
  • rapid loss of vision
  • detachment of the mesh layer of the fundus
  • wrinkling of the corneal and chorioretinal folds in the eye area.

Diagnosis and treatment of hypotension eyes

For accurate diagnosis requires a complete examination in the hospital. For the diagnosis of hypotonia of the eye there are such research methods as the common blood and urine tests, blood clotting time, gonioscopy, visual acuity testing, ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, biomicroscopy and perimetry. If during the examination will have this diagnosis, the treatment should be mandatory.

For successful treatment it is necessary to eliminate the reason which causes this disease. In that case, if the cause is inflammation, it must be localized, and if the cause of the fluid accumulation in the suprachoroidal space, the process needs to be open and provide fluid outflow. If, during the operation were allowed leakage of the wound, in this case you need stitches again to ensure a complete seal.

If there is detachment of the retina, it is necessary to conduct the operation and to drain choroidal effusion. There is the option of medical treatment of possible use of funds to improve the microcirculation and also a vasoconstrictor and hormone drugs.

Hypotension eyes, an ophthalmologist should be consulted.

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