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How long chicken pox remains contagious

  1. In what way can you catch chickenpox?
  2. What are the sources of chickenpox?

    He incubation period, can have different degrees of duration, depending on the preparedness of the organism to combat the infection of the organism. Time and severity of the disease and the period of infectiousness is also different. Focus on the scientific and medical literature, only approximately, however, taking all possible precautions and reduce contact with ill to a minimum, even when it is considered that Contracting is no longer possible.

    If the body got excessively large amounts of the virus, even in the absence

    infectivity not relax vigilance.

    It is worth to note that the number of days that you can get

    affects not only the degree of seragnoli the vector of infection, but the immune system is potentially compromised, with a weak immune system you can pick up almost missing particle of the remnants of the infection, when the immune system strong possible to overcome a slight attack of the virus. Also, with a high degree of protection immunity from suffering, the disease will leave him soon, as well as the period of distribution will decrease significantly.

    In the average values and the results of laboratory studies, agreed that the average chicken pox stay contagious for about 10-12 days, from the day the virus enters the body. However, be aware that security measures associated with protection from infection is never superfluous. The incubation period according to scientific medicine is from 10 to 21 days, from the day of infection, the contagious chickenpox to stay after about 5 days, after the occurrence of the latest of the ulcer and covering the cork.

    The infectiousness of varicella exceeds many other infectious diseases. While you can become infected only at very close contact, air drop way, can it be assumed that if the patient coughed or sneezed in the presence of a man who still has not had chickenpox.

    Looks like chicken pox, you can read

    The most unpleasant and difficult thing here is that the patient can few days not even guess that he is already infected and it can spread the infection to all the people around him.

    In what way can you catch chickenpox?

    In addition to air-drop way to get infected with chicken pox is not possible. However, this path has the largest percentage distribution, and therefore is the most dangerous. However, if you are suffering uses a mask to protect others from their own derivatives, the risk of infection is reduced practically to zero, but, of course, remain possible. To avoid direct and close contact with healthy people is needed (not to talk at close range, not sneezing and not coughing). Environmental varicella has no stability, and therefore getting on clothes or baby toys, and household items immediately disappears, leaving no chance to infect anyone through objects.

    Too often people think that they got infected, not contacting with ill, when in fact the infection has already been one person or another, but did not show its symptoms, while in the incubation period.

    The first symptoms at the end of the incubation period are small red itchy rash, in this period, the body more susceptible to infection, although many people do not understand the etiology of these pimples. However, if you know that an infected chickenpox, try to refrain from going to public places and interacting with people who are not ill with this infection. Most often the virus spreads seasonal, and in the autumn and winter, as the immune system during these periods is often more attenuated, and the humidity in the air increased.

    What are the sources of chickenpox?

    There are 2 ways to get infected with chicken pox first to get infected from an infected person (at different stages of his disease), the second to chicken pox as a complication of such diseases as tinea versicolor, and furthermore, the person suffering from herpes zoster Liam, can reward healthy person chickenpox. The fact that the basis of these two diseases is the same virus. Although there are such cases very rare, it is worth remembering the possibility of such contamination. However, reverse such a pattern has not recorded cases that the windmill took the form of shingles, or the person suffering from varicella zoster infected other LISAM, you can be calm.

    Getting chicken pox again is almost impossible. If you have ever suffered this disease the body produces resistant and strong enough immunity that gives you a lifetime protection. However, fetal journey so heredity is not peredaetsya, but because rodny rebnok will be susceptible to this infection in no matter your body produces a desired antibody or not.

    Is it possible to avoid Contracting chicken pox? That would be no spread of infection, to ensure that he is infected, or the parents, if it is rebnok. However, this is not practically possible, since the incubation period of stay is not observed, and the transmissibility is already present, but during the rest of the disease, infected without a doubt should be isolated from healthy people, even after the last ulcer covered with crust. not less than 5 days.

    In addition, it is possible to carry out periodic


    order to protect yourself and your baby, but it operates only seasonally and requires constant repetition, while people who recover from chicken pox lifetime immunities to infection, moreover, this immunity is effective against the zoster virus, which vaccine to ensure you will not be able.

    Proven to postpone chickenpox in childhood is much easier than in the adult, in addition, children’s skin is easily updated, and in most cases leaves no trace, whereas in adulthood of scars can not be avoided. If you want to save and protect your baby, remember that to obtain lifelong immunity against herpes zoster and varicella, for it is much quicker and more effective than trying to avoid this disease all my life, and then to recover in adulthood, with complications and skin deformities. Also, if you raise a girl, remember that being pregnant such an infection can adversely affect health e future of children, therefore, it is necessary to treat chickenpox in children as a necessary safety measure for the future healthy life of kids.