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Fever Marburg

  1. Causes fever Marburg
  2. The prevalence of diseases
  3. Symptoms of fever Marburg
  4. Treatment of fever Marburg

Fever Marburg

this is an acute zoonotic disease that belongs to a group of viral gemoreologicakih fevers. The disease is characterized by severe, intoxication, and pronounced symptoms generic kapilliarotoxicos. Marburg fever is a disease with high mortality. It refers to a particularly dangerous viral infections in Africa. The second name of the disease cercopithecidae disease.

Causes fever Marburg

The causative agent of this disease is a virus similar in morphology with the Ebola virus. The virus is large and contains RNA has the shape of a worm. Its length ranges from 665 to 1200 nm and a diameter of 70-100 nm. The virus multiplies in the mosquito Aedes aegypti. It is thermostable, sensitive to chloroform, ethyl alcohol.

The prevalence of diseases

The first illness was reported in 1967 in Yugoslavia and Germany. Of late, cases have been observed in Kenya, South Africa and Rhodesia. The distribution of fever of Marburg is quite wide, the Central African Republic, Sudan, Gabon, Uganda, Liberia, Guinea.

Symptoms of fever Marburg

The incubation period of the disease is Cercopithecus 3-16 days. The onset is quite sharp, note the following symptoms

  • high fever for two weeks
  • headache
  • severe intoxication
  • pain in lumbosacral region
  • conjunctivitis
  • enanthema
  • vesicular-erosive changes of the mucosa of the oral cavity.

Also characterized by increased muscle tone vomiting and watery diarrhea (begins with a 3-4 day course of Marburg fever) maculopapular rash, and peeling of the skin (5-6 days) cutaneous hemorrhage (6-7 days) myocarditis, renal (6-7 days).

The deterioration of the patient occurs at 8-10, and 15-17 day of the disease. The average mortality in this disease is 25-30%. The recovery period lasts for 3-4 weeks. It is the appearance of prolonged diarrhea, mental disorders and baldness.

Treatment of fever Marburg

In the treatment of fever Marburg must ensure the observance of strict bed rest and round the clock medical surveillance. Patients with the disease are placed in intensive care with low blood pressure and individual exhaust ventilation. This measure prevents nosocomial transmission of the infection. To treat fevers Marburg used pathogenetic treatment, which is aimed at combating dehydration, hemorrhagic syndrome infectious-toxic shock. Effective treatment with the serum of convalescents, plazmafereza, as well as large doses of interferon.

Treatment of fever Marburg are two of the specialist immunologist and infectious disease. You can schedule an appointment with a top specialist, using the services of the website