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Barley Hordeolum

  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

A sty

this is a disease that is manifested by the occurrence of purulent inflammation in the region of hair follicles of the eyelashes and sebaceous glands, located in close proximity to, or in meibomian lobules of the gland.

Causes of stye can be infectious processes triggered by bacteria, mostly for Staphylococcus aureus. In most cases, barley is seen in those people who have weakened immune systems, vitamin deficiency, or concomitant chronic diseases. Also quite common barley in a child.


The factors provoking the emergence of barley

The assumption that the supercooling is the only reason that occurs eye barley, wrong. Hypothermia contributes to the development of inflammatory processes, due to which there is a stye on the eyelid. Causes of stye are bacterial infection or a skin mite in some cases.

In addition, risk factors include previous infectious diseases

inflammatory disease of the eyelids of a chronic nature (


), reduced immunity, hypovitaminosis,



The disease is characterized by acute course, examination reveals a small tumor on the edge of the upper or lower eyelid. This characteristic of barley has photoelasticity structure, occur at a palpation painful, the skin over the formation of swollen and inflamed. Accompanying symptoms of barley swelling and redness of the conjunctiva. In some cases, can cause headaches and other signs of intoxication, increased regional lymph nodes.

Often the disease is a purulent appearance of the plot in the upper part of the swelling after 2-4 days after onset of inflammation. Next, the process of opening education with excretion of purulent masses. In some cases, the stage of suppuration does not occur, and the swelling disappears by itself in a few days. You may experience of several styes.


Diagnosis of barley is the complexity due to the apparent inflammation on the eyelid, pain century, itching. Examination and treatment conducted by the doctor.


In the treatment of barley in any case can not open the inflammation independently. Consequence of actions aimed at the removal of purulent masses can be inflammation of the orbit or meningitis due to spread of infection throughout the body.

Due to the inflammatory nature of barley contraindication is any heat on the affected area as this may cause expansion of the infected area. Any hot compress is also contraindicated.

During treatment, abstain from the use of cosmetics and contact lens wear.

With the disease of barley treatment consists in the appointment of the following drugs

  • Ophthalmic antibiotic ointments or antibiotic drops
  • Anti-inflammatory eye ointments or drops
  • In the absence of elevated temperature doctor can be assigned to UHF in order to accelerate the ripening process of inflammation.

If the disease often recurs, are assigned the means, which activate the body’s defenses, for example, adaptogens or vitamins. In some cases autohaemotherapy.

In any case, the treatment of barley is recommended to be used under supervision of ophthalmologist. In order to avoid complications, try to refrain from self-treatment, if there is suspicion of barley to consult your optometrist.


Regardless of what inflammatory processes that lead to barley develop because of infection by hematogenous, poor personal hygiene can also lead to the development of the disease. To do this, avoid rubbing and touching your eyes with dirty hands, use a private towel, cosmetics that will be individual, etc.

It is also necessary to stabilize the condition of the immune system, heal chronic diseases with the aim to avoid the development of barley.