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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment


it is a disease in which the mother can not suckle her child because of the lack of postpartum milk secretion.


The reasons for this condition may be few

  • the lack of lactation is observed in the insufficient development of the breast (the primary form of pathology). This pathology occurs in lean women and obese. In the second case, the underdevelopment of the chest may be hiding behind the abundant fat deposition in this place
  • atrophy of breast cancer with its normal development. This occurs when the divergence in the long term. As a rule, this pathology is common among women who first gave birth at a later age. Also, the cause may be a disorder of feeding
  • weaning occurs when the diet is inappropriate, as a consequence of various diseases etc.
  • the reason for insufficient secretion of milk can be strong


The last three cases klassificeret as a relative form of the disease.


The only symptom is lack of milk after childbirth.


Diagnosis of agalactia includes collection of anamnesis of disease and examination of the mammary glands


If diagnosed primary form of the disease or absolute, then the treatment will have no effect. That is why newborn children from the first days of life in this case is transferred to the milk of kormilitsa.

In the case of relative forms of pathology investigates the causes of its development. If they studied enough the treatment. It lasts from 10 to 15 days and directed to the treatment of diseases caused by a disorder. Depending on the reasons for this may be the elimination of infection, elimination of consequences of poisoning, balanced diet and other activities.

To lactation was restored, it carried out a physical stimulation. If these measures will not have the desired effect, the treatment should be stopped, and for feeding baby use the milk of kormilitsa. Drug therapy involves the treatment of multivitamin and vitamin (E) drugs. In the psychological nature of the disease along with the stimulation treatment by a psychiatrist.