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Comments about curves?

i’m thinking about joining curves tomorrow.. i wanna lose about 15 pounds and probably 4 inches off of my stomach.
I wanna tone up other parts of my body.. but i’m really focused on having a nice flat tummy.
Any comments about this place?
& i’m 17 years old .. how long you think it’ll take to see results?



Some Curves vary. I suggest you check it out first. It is pretty expensive compared to other gyms. All they do at this one is have people go in and go through “the cycle” of different machines for 30 min. I asked if they had a nutritionist or something and they said no. Also they ask for direct draft out of your checking account. If you don’t they charge you sooo much more.


I love curves. 3 mornings a week me and my mom go down there for a 30 minute work out. Im 11 and I lost 2% of my body weight in a month. I do it in kilograms cause Im in Aus. If I weighed 150kilos I would have to loose 10kilos to lose 2%. Yet I only lost 2kilos. I love the music, too. Sometimes they let you bring in a CD of your own to play. I love the games they play. Like Treasure Island. You have to follow a few rules and work out 3 times a week, and its very motivating. Have fun!


Personally, I think it’s a girly girl place. You are better off joining a “guy” type gym where they take working out really seriously. They know a lot more about real working out and how to get in shape. Along with diet it’s the only way to seriously take off weight.


Been there its ok it better than no workout after 1 month you should see results = ]