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Can we consider cigarettes as much harmful as alcohol? or even as drugs?



I would think that their is pretty much no argument left, smoking will kill the vast majority of people who do it. Or it will negatively affect their life.
Either way, that’s pretty harmful
The only reason people don’t spend their money on paint thinner to sniff is that the paint thinner companies haven’t spent billions on marketing their product for a purpose that will kill.


I smoke and I think they are the worst. Cause I do it daily, if I drank daily that would be a problem too. And drugs, they are all drugs, drugs are bad


All three of them can kill you or the people you love. None of them are any good.


Depends on how you look at it. I have never known of anyone to smoke a cigarette and get behind the wheel of a car and kill someone by driving with their thoughts altered. If you look like it that way, I would say no, they are a bit less harmful.


depends on the outlook. if you are talking health wise then yes you can. cigarettes are as addicting as any other drug and can lead to lung cancer, emphysemia, and even recently proven to cause some heart failure!! (I’m not preaching – i am a smoker) but if you are talking just safety wise, then not really. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is more dangeroud than cigarettes. and it also altars your mind, unlike cigarettes. Which can lead to bad decisions. of course there is always that chance of you trying to light a cigarette in the car and you drop it and bend over to pick it up then crash (couch cough).


i ben smokeing for 5 years now,my grandfather died of it,it is as harmfull or even more then alcohol,i can’t say if it’s more harmfull then all drugs but it beats some,it’s a deseas,lol
keepin’ it serious SMOKING KILLS (4 real)


It all depends on how often you do it. Of course smoking and excessive drinking aren’t good for you… but a little alcohol actually does your body good. And as far as being more harmful than drugs, it all depends how much you’re smoking cigarettes and what drugs you’re comparing them too.


For Every action we take there is always a reaction. So if you do drugs, yes, and if you drink, depends if your an alchie, and if you smoke, your lugs turn black…etc.
What ever you do or where ever you go there you are, different state or difference choice of drug, alcohol, brand of cigs, You just have to decide weather you are going to change.


Everyone on them are killers.


Good grief! I’m so sick of these questions. Everything is harmful in excess, even eating healthy foods and getting lots of exercise.
Remember the Greek, whoever it was, that said, “Nothing too much”. Everything you mention is not harmful unless done in excess and I even question that statement for smoking. Some people are predisposed to certain problems and these may be exacerbated by smoking, but I know many others who have smoked for years with no problem.
We live in a reactive society that runs like a stampede after whatever is the latest fad or fear. Think for yourself and evaluate your own situation,.


Hi, This is a very good question! I would think they are just as much or more harmful because the second hand smoke is a killer to non smokers and the smoker risk the change of getting Cancer in many parts of their body. Alcohol also killes people who doesn’t even drink. You have a person who can hardly walk get behind the wheel of a car and runs down a group of people and doesn’t get hurt or remembers hiding anyone.Street drugs the pushers on the street needs to be SHOT DOWN,i know what street drugs does to a person and their family. My 2 daughters got into the wrong crowd of people and i had to really fight hard and a lot to get my girls straighten up. My oldest is doing great and has a very good job and she will never use drugs again. But my youngest is still having a lot of drugs problems and she need to want to STOP before anyone can HELP her. She has stole from the family and done so many things that cannot not be forgiven. Her life is in GODs hands now. This is true and NO joke. It is A living Hell for the whole family. I would not wish anything like this on anyone or family it tears a family down and apart.


Smoking shortens your life, but does not kill young or even many middle aged people nor does it destroy families. Drug and alcohol abuse kills the young and those in the prime of life and wreaks havoc on family and friends. It is estimated that over 10% of the people who drink regularly become alcoholics.The public heath problem of smoking is only greater because so many people do it, not because it is as harmful than alcohol and drugs on an individual level.
“Alcohol causes more than alcoholism. If each alcoholic affects the lives of four or five others ” spouse, children, employer, employee, innocent victim of accident, or other ” then the US 12.1 million alcoholics have an impact on 40 to 50 million others for a total of about 60 million citizens. The president of a state association of judges stated that “90 to 95 percent of all the cases that come before my bench ” civil, criminal and family ” involve alcohol.” Alcohol may not be the sole cause, but is a part-cause in much juvenile delinquency, illegitimate pregnancy, truancy, and fights. Numerous reports indicate that about 73 percent of felonies are alcohol-related. A survey of the literature shows that in about 67 percent of child-beating cases, 41 percent of forcible rape cases, 80 percent of wife-battering, 72 percent of stabbings, and 83 percent of homicides, either the attacker or the victim or both had been drinking. Hard to research, incest is now coming out in the open; one report estimates as high as 90 percent of incest may be alcohol-related. Alcohol accentuates depression, and reports indicate a range of 30 to 80 percent of suicides as alcohol-related. As high as 45 percent of our social welfare aid in categories like Aid to Dependent Children, and 60 percent of “mental cruelty” divorce cases, have been estimated as associated with alcohol and other drugs, which is the primary complaint in one-third of all broken marriages”