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Can we all say



Some people enjoy the high they get from smoking, and they don’t mind the increased risks of lung disease and heart disease.
If we all said “NO” to the cigarette manufacterers, sure, smoking would be gone. But some people really don’t want to say NO. They are more likely to say YES.
Sad, but you gotta let people live their own lives. (People convincing under-agers to smoke, though, should be strangled.)


Nobody is twisting your arm to smoke. And you have no right to tell others they cannot. Neither do you have the right to deny manufacturers the right to produce their products. If you are opposed to smoking, don’t smoke. But leave those who do alone.


oviously not.


not if you own stock in Phillip Morris.


While we are at it lets ban fast food. There are alot of fat-asses that are going to cut their lives short. Also they will be a drain on our health care system.


some folks wanna smoke,go ta church.be an atheist,be a buddist,smoke a pipe,,,,,,,theres something fer everyone in thishere marketplace,,,,,,,live with it,,,,,up until the mid 70s the illinois state medical society owned tobacco stock,,,,glad ta see they’re gettin modern


i can, but unfortunatley not everyone else can.


definitely NO to smoking and…
If yes,for what,is there any advantage?nothing.


Well, 1 in every 4 people smoke, so…good luck trying to get everyone to say “no.”
There is always going to be one person out their that wants to smoke, and the cigarette manufacturers will stay in business.