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Can water bottles that have been sitting out in the sun cause cancer?



I took a speech class in which someone did there speech on this topic. According to thier research it can cause cancer. When the plastic gets hot enough it releases chemicals into the water that can cause cancer. SCARY!


I don’t think so but It can get you nausated.


everything causes cancer these days but i dont think they do i you get cancer it not from hot water or the uv rays in the water


no but it tastes gross and might have grown bacteria if it was a little empty and out there for long enough.


Yes, plastic bottles with water, kept in sun or microwave leach out dioxin a well known carcinogen.


I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard that a few times.
You have to wonder about the plastic in the heat. I believe them, that it breaks down in the sun. So, I don’t drink bottled water unless I have to.


No but you can get pregnant from them.


Here’s the ACS’s take on this:


Still “No”


If the water and the bottle are sterile, and the water is filtered; no, water sitting out in the sun does not cause cancer or anything else. However, water heated in a plastic bottle (and the sun may heat the bottle)(or even just sitting in a plastic bottle in the cupboard) may become contaminated with the polycarbons and other molecules that are trapped in the plastic and released upon heating or dissolve slowly in water.
Some plastics are known to be mutagenic which means it does cause DNA to mutate in the AMES test which you can find out more about by putting “Ames test” into Yahoo (or other word finding site). Plastic that have been found to dissolve in water or soda or any drink you might find in plastic, etc. and is proven to cause cancer has usually been replaced with a safer type of plastic or glass.
I can’t speak for all plastic water bottles, since I suspect many have not been tested for cancer. If a group of people gets cancer, and on filling out a questionaire, relate that they drank water out of bottles of a certain brand, then tests would be taken of those bottles and procedures would be discussed that would eventually lead to them being taken off the market.
Of course, water in glass should not have polycarbons, etc. in it. Water in creeks can have anything in them–even polywogs. And some water from springs could possibly have plastics in them especially if they are downstream from a chemical plant. Do you know where your water comes from?
The sun by itself will not cause cancer unless you sit in the sun with the water bottle in your lap.


Yes water bottles may cause cancer if you reuse it. Better you should use the water at 30 oC.


I have got the same question in my mind.I read somewhere in internet that plastic water bottles which are exposed to sun’s heat for a long time are not good enough to drink.It may cause cancer.This is because the plastic can melt for the exposure of heat and can react with water in that.