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Can u get herpes in your arm?

i got herpes on my arm, but i dont knw how,im a virgin.Im in the army. So idont knw if someone here has it.



Yes we can. Here we know only herpes simplex, causes by herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 that cause herpes genital. It’s a very popular std.
But actually, herpes in medical terms goes to many variant. It’s possible that you got herpes zooster, that cause varicella (chicken pox) and shingles. Doctor use to explained them as “Herpes” too. And it’s not std.
Here the site. Check it yourself could give you more information.


I’m not sure that herpes appears in areas like your arm. There are different types of herpes that you can get and the on ethat causes coldsores isn’t transmitted by sex. I would suggest having a chat to your medical officer. You probably don’t have herpes but you should get it checked out anyway.


Herpes comes from the HPV family of viruses and “NO” you do not have herpes on your arm. Herpes are found around your mouth or genitals depending on which strain of the virus you have. Most likely you are suffering from a rash of some form. This could be caused by environmental exposure perhaps even new laundry detergent which is irritating your skin. You need to see a doctor to determine what kind of infection you have.
On the small chance that you have had unprotected sex and have not been tested for HIV or AIDS I think perhaps you should. Although unlikely as legions or sores from AIDS or HIV usually is proceeded by flu or cold like symptoms. Most likely you’ve just got a common skin rash


It’s a sexually transmitted disease so NO you don’t have herpes under your arms. You would see that elsewhere. 😉 Bless your heart, you must be so worried.
I suspect you don’t have herpes but rather a rash of some sort. It could be many types of things, an allergic reaction to your deodorant; or it could be a heat rash. (which would make sense if your out in Iraq. The other considerations to consider…are you on any medications? (some meds do that, contact the doc about it) but if it progresses or is unbearable don’t be embarrassed to see the physician there. I’m sure it’s easily treatable.
P.S. Thanks for being a soldier and taking care of all of us “strangers”. Hugs to you!


Yes, you can get them on your arm, although it’s not common. More precisely, the virus infects a particular nerve group, and the sores show up on a patch of skin or mucous membrane served by that nerve.
You can get herpes simplex infections anywhere, but they are most common in the nerves that serve the mouth area (producing cold sores) or around the genitals (genital herpes).
Some people get infections of the nerve serving a finger tip (herpetic whitlow), and they can also occasionally affect the eye.
See, for example


nope no herpes under the armpit . sounds like to me you have impetigo. impetigo is where you get mosquito bites ans scratch the Dickens out of ii
Good luck


no. you cant. my opion?


all herpes are not std’s , i have a rash and blisters on my stomach that appears about once a year and last for around a month or so, the doctors call it herpes. so you could have the same thing on your arm


Yes, you can. It would mean you have what is called herpes gladiatorum.
Herpes types 1 and 2 more usually cause genital herpes and oral herpes, but it is possible to get herpes on your body – wrestlers for example can get herpes gladiatorum – on their body.
They get this because while wrestling they are in close physical contact with others. If in the course of wrestling some skin on their body is cut or abraded, and someone they are wrestling with has an active herpes infection (for example cold sores on their lips) which comes into contact with the abraded skin, or their wrestling partner has touched a cold sore and then touched the abraded skin, they can get herpes on their body as it will enter through the body skin and flare up in that area.
It is common in wrestlers because they have close physical contact while training. If in your training in the army you have come into close physical contact with others and have even had a tiny scratch on your arm the virus could enter through, you could have caught it.
If you have an infection on your arm, like oral herpes it is not an std, and was not sexually transmitted, so it has nothing to do with whether you are a virgin or not. You more likely got it from coming into contact with someone else with herpes gladiatorum or from someone with oral herpes, not from someone with genital herpes.