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Can u die from eczema?

my lil. bro. has eczema and i’m worried about him because i don’t want him to die anytime soon!!!!



No reported deaths that I know of. You can treat it with Silver Cream available at notaquitter.com. Get some and you will feel better fast.


he wont die.


eczema? are you sure? because eczema is a skin condition, making it dry, red, itchy, etc. He won’t die from eczema, just be really uncomfortable if he doesn’t use a cream of some sort.


No he can’t die from it


all that means is he has really dry skin. itchy, dry, flaky skin.


eczema is not a deadly skin disease… if it isnt treated with lotions and med creams it can leave nasty scars or even become infected but not deadly. relax hun your little bro will be just fine


Nope! It only itches like crazy in some spots but it is not lethal at all!
Don;t worry, no one has died from eczema, and I don’t think anyone will.
Your brother will be fine!


I’m confident you won’t have to worry about that with eczema — at least, not from it.