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Can trans fats in our body be removed?



Your body will remove them naturally over time. It does take time though.


try draining all your blood and see if it works


Trans-fats, are bad fats for your body, but we do need certain types of fats.
We do get very small quantity of trans fats from animal sources, but our bodies aren’t designed to deal well with those types of fats.
Most trans fats consumed today, however, are industrially created as a side effect of hydrogenation of plant oils, which is a process where basically insert hydrogen atoms to unsaturated fats to make products last longer as it prevents oxidation to happen.
BUT our bodies cant deal well with a huge amount of these fats.
My recommendation to lower your trans-fats (as you will still consume them if you eat meat , but in healthy portions) is to change your diet.
Eat organic and natural sources of food, try to not eat food with preservatives or that have been overly processed, and de-intoxicate your body by drinking a lot of water.
It will take some time, but after around three months, you will see a considerable change of the amount of trans fats in your body.