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Can strep throat and antibiotics have an adverse effect on the baby I am carryin

My wonderful contaminated sister gave me strep throat. I know she did not mean to, but I have not long left the doctor. He put me on penicillin. He refused to give me a stronger pain med, I can only take tylenol every four hours. My hubby is sick now too. Our son (bless his heart) tied a scarf around his face and packed an overnight back, and has gone to his granny’s house, I cannot say I blame him. I called my OB and he said that it is important that I take all of the antibiotics and try to eat applesauce and jello for the next couple of days. He said that USUALLY there is no adverse reactions. I am still VERY concerned. What can you tell me about strep and the effects on the unborn child? Plus the doctor gave my husband the good stuff, he was put on penicillin, some sort of mouth rinse that numbs the throat AND oxycodonce. Oh! Is there anything else that I can do so I can feel a little more comfortable until these antibiotics kick in.



Please make sure that you OB/GYN gives you a LEVEL 2 ultra sound. Strep throat at the wrong time of development can harm the baby’s heart. I am not saying this to scare you, but if there is a problem, it can be fixed in-utero (in the womb) or they will have surgery staff on alert at delivery. If you are prepared, your baby has the chance to live a happy normal life. If nothing else, having the higher level of U/S will give you piece of mind when it shows every thing is okay.
Don’t let your doctor talk you out of the level 2 U/S – because of the strep risk, your insurance should pay for it.


you are so panicked, relax do as the doctor says….


There are some antibiotics like tetracycline and ciprofloxacin that is contra-indicated in pregnany, but Penicillin is OK and there is some 90 years of experience in pregnant women taking it..