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Can someone recommend the best diet that worked for you?

Please give advise on the diet that worked best for you. There are so many different things out there. I am trying to lose 45 lbs. Six kids has really taken a toll on my body. I am 33 and my metabolism is obviously slowing down. Losing lbs is not as easy for me as it used to be! It really sucks! I have been walking and joined a gym, but now I really need a meal plan that will not make me miserable or broke, but at the same time, actually works!



Wow, 6 kids at the age of 33? Kudos to you for finding the time to take care of your weight before it gets out of hand. I could probably stand to lose 45 pounds (I’m about your age) and I don’t even have kids to blame for my weight gain 😉
I would recommend Weight Watchers. It’s the only thing that has worked for me, though I’ve fallen off the wagon after an extremely stressful year. However, several years ago I lost 40-45 pounds on WW and made “lifetime membership”.
The thing I like about WW is that you get to eat whatever you want, just in moderation. Each food is assigned points. You can figure out the points with a little cardboard chart or online – it’s just based on calories, fat, and fiber.
I do not recommend any diet that isn’t reflective of how you’ll eat when you reach your goal. With WW, you’ll learn to eat anything you want in moderation, making trade offs as you see fit (no fatty macaroni salad because you’re saving points for dessert, for example). A “grapefruit diet” or “no carb” diet might help you lose weight, but are you going to keep eating that way forever? If not, you’ll gain it back.




Weight Watchers is great. Try their core plan. It’s great and if you follow it, you will learn to eat healthy the rest of your life- not “diet”.


i never tried it cuz i dont need it, but plese try it and see
run or excersice 45 minutes a day. drink fruit and vegetable drinks every 4 hours. not so much TV, no white bread, no carbs
o, and eat organic foods


Yeah, drink lots of beer.you’ll feel full..you’ll have fun with the kids and most of all.your husband will be tolerable.


Atkins worked great for me. I lost a lot of weight. I felt wonderful. My cholesterol, sugar, and blood pressure were superb. The only problem is that as soon as I got off of it I gained it all (and more) back.
If you can hack never eating bread or sugar again, this diet will work, but I was just too weak. Plus, I couldn’t have beer.


eat less exercise more


Eat live food (fruits and vegetables) in small portions and chew thoroughly. Drink lots of water. DON’Tdrink soda or pop. Avoid sugary food and bread. Drink milk and eat Cheese for calcium (in small portions). Exercise by walking and dancing. Get out of your chair and put on some music and dance. Walk instead of driving for short distances. Carry your groceries home in one bag instead of driving them in many. Give up processed food and snacks.


Hi, join the club of those who are looking for a real diet that works. Ok, I am one of those who has been on a diet of some kind all my life, I have tried almost everything from starving myself to really strange diets, one of the strangest being one where I had to get a shot daily of a hormone taken from pregnant women’s urine, and eat 500 calories a day and not use any oils. Boy did I lose a lot on that and boy did it come back quick. I’ve been on Atkins (worked pretty well, but for limited time), been on Weight Watchers (hate weighing my food and can’t figure out the point system), and then I had lunch with a friend who had never been on a diet until she broke her foot and put on about 5 or a few more pounds and wanted to take it off but still couldn’t excercise, and she recommended the South Beach Diet. Now, I have a really bad disease and can’t do a lot of excercise and it says in the book you can lose without too much excersize, so I decided to try it. I had put on 80 pounds from medicines and had lost about 40, so still had a good way to go. I went on the diet over a year ago, and I’m not really sure how long it took me to lose the weight (don’t have a scale), but I know in the first 2 weeks I must have lost about 15 pounds, and the weight just kept coming off. I’ve been on maintenance for quite awhile, and when I cheat, I just go back to the first week of the diet and I’m back to my correct weight. I love this diet. Yes, you have to give up some foods, but you learn to live with it and when you see the new you, you say who the hell needs the food, look at me I look great. So, I say, get the book, give it a read and give the diet a try, you won’t be sorry.