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Can someone please help me ?

ok. i am having a HUGE problem with my weight right now. i can’t get motivated to exersize, and when i do exersize and eat right nothing happens. i mean i have only lost 2 inches around my waistline. and today, just now, i was SO close to making myself through up, but then i was afraid that my personality would change to much, and my mom would worry about me. so, if it weren’t for that then i would have made myself throw up. and i’m only 14, and if i don’t lose weight then i won’t be able to succeed in any of my goals cause of low self – esteem. so can anyone help me figure out how to lose weight. please



I hope you don’t get into the bad and destructive life of throwing up to loose weight.
see the website link I found below.
I hope that helps.
My best advice is to find someone you know that might be going through a similar problem and then work on getting ideas to work on together..learning about food, cooking healthy and maybe getting a walking team together. Also, ask your Mom for help and if she doesn’t know what to do, then see if she will take you to the doctor to get some advice.
You can do it on your own, but it is much easier with others to be supportive!
I know you can be happy and have a great summer!
One thing I can recommend is learning Meditation. IT will help you focus and get energy. Try it. there is another link for that too, see below.


lose some weight you cow~


stop eating crappy foods.


All I can tell you is to watch what you eat (portion control), drink lots of water, and exercise. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds, but I’ve been “dieting” (more like a lifestyle change) since November. It’s slow, but if you lose weight fast, you’ll probably gain it back soon. Good luck…for motivation, but a smaller pair of jeans and try them on at the end of every 2 weeks, or find a picture of when you were thinner and post it in mirrors and on the refrigerator. =)


try eating more small meals a day, rather then big meals. and you shouldnt be so worked up on how your weight is at this age, though you may have low self esteem, that is not a problem, work on excercising more often, find a fun way to do that. dance, swim, or just walk around. since you are not old enough to drive you should walk more often,


Stop eating red meat, and stick to white meats and fish. Do a little bit of cardio a day, 30 minutes of intense exercise, and you know what intense is for you. Eat as much fruit and veg as you want to. If you have a favorite fruit buy a lot of it and eat that all you want. You’ll be amazed.


Nothing is happening because in order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you are taking in. So if you cut down eating thats great but you still have to exercise. Also set goals say every 5 or 10 pounds you are allowed to have a carvel coldstone a ralphs or etc. Make a work out routine say take a morning walk for an hour then that day do 3 different sets of 100 sit ups some in the morning some in the afternoon and some in the night.


think of how much u will get out of loosing weight & beeing healthy!! :]


I say work on the self-esteem first & just maybe start with walks to increase stamina then increase your walks you then might get into some weight training be patient & you will meet your goals but please don’t start the puke thang it’s dangerous & your still young Take care & love yourself GOD does


first of all, good for you for not barfing.
second of all, what are your goals? and how will your weight prevent you from achieveing them?
also, tell us more, like your height and weight, your average daily intake of food, ie; 2 bowls of cereal for breakfast, 1 small frie as a snack etc. etc. and then we can work from there.


Don’t give up on the exercise, it doesn’t need to be a lot, but it needs to be right. One good exercise is better than 10 badly done.