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Can somebody please help me with my weight?

Okay I don’t want to calorie count and I can’t do intense excercise because of knee and joint problems. I am supposed to be going into the eleventh grade. I weight about 175 and my goal is to reach around 130-140 by the end of August. Also I don’t eat any marine life.but I do eat meat. So if you have any advice please help me ASAP. Also, with the food part.I work in an office so I need something fast and easy but still healthy. PLEASE HELP!!



Well you can diet, but in order to really lose the weight you will need to calorie count. I recently did the same. For about 2 weeks, keep a food journal. Write down all the calories you eat every day. After a while you should see a pattern and an average number. Now, to drop a pound a week (which is the most you can lose healthily), you drop that by 400-500 calories. When you start your diet, write down all you eat and stop at that decreased number.
You will lose more at the beginning because your water weight will go, then you will definitely start burning fat. You also have to remember that your metabolism will slow down in response to your lower calorie intake, so you HAVE to keep exercising. Lifting weights is a really good, low impact way to burn. Find some good cardio exercise that’s easy on your joints.
Foodwise, I think lean cuisines and other diet frozen dinners and cereal are easy and make it really easy to calorie count. You can also eat veggies and soy “meat”– just make sure to look up calories online. Eat slowly and enjoy eating.
You may not be 140 be the end of August but you will have come very far! And remember, it will be difficult in the beginning. You WILL be hungry. But I PROMISE it will get easier and your stomach will stop complaining. Good luck!


You will never lose that much by the end of August…sorry.
The girl below be meantioned frozen dinners…the one thing about them that you need to be careful with, is they tend to contain alot of sodium.


Eat only when hungry and not more than thrice a day. Nothing other than water in between. Include plenty of uncooked vegetables and fruits in each meal, preferably 50%. Chew each morsel at least 32 times to activate ur body to generate signals of hunger/fullness. Obey these signals.
Take light exercises and brisk walks regularly preferably twice a day.
U will achieve what u have not even dreamt and that too in a reasonable time. Do not be in a hurry.


Hi. I had a quick ? on what you left me on my question. What kind of foods do you suggest for curves?
And to answer your question- I am doing a calorie count. I know you said you didn’t want to but I love it! Go to Glamour. com (yes it is the magazine). It lets you figure out how many calories you need a day, keep track of them, and even keep track of how much you workout! I love it! It even assignes you an online trainer and nutrionist to guid you in what you need to do. Try it!