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Can riding a stationary bike give you the same advantages as cycling?

I’ve seen the physical results of cycling, and i was wondering if biking in the gym on a stationary bike can give you the same results.



They are about the same, but I personally prefer going outside and cycling.
Instead of cycling in the gym, why don’t you use your bicycle as your means of transportation? It is faster than walking and very efficient. Rather than set out a block of time to exercise, why don’t you incorporate it into your daily routine?


Yes, it’s just like biking but you stay in one place. You can even replecate biking up a hill.


Yes its the same idea. Its just about getting your heart rate up for fat loss or for cardio training, theyre both different ranges depending on age. Any way of getting your heart rate up will help, pedaling a real bike or one in a gym.


although the answer above are true…if you are in an air conditioined place you get the same sweat affect.


Technology today does allow the same affects, yes, but wouldn’t you rather get outside, breathe fresh air and sight see this beautiful world? Nobody takes the time to just stop and smell the roses these days…shaking head…


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