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Can push ups help you gain muscle in your chest?

im 15 and i was wondering if push ups or what kind of pushups will help define your chest.
now im doing normal pushups with my hands shoulder width, pushups with my hands spread out, and pushups with my hands under my shouldersand my elbows staying at my sides
i just wanted to gain muscle in my chest to get rid of the extar fat on them
i also have weights that i can put on 35 pounds on each but i dont have a workout bench



Yes that is what they work. Pushups work the arms and pecs (the muscles on the front that define the armpit). Also butterfly curls will build the pecs as well. Weight in your hand, arms straight out like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Bring them straight around to in front of you. This is a much lighter weight than you think. Your pecs aren’t that strong.
You can also define your shoulders but military press. Put some weight on that bar and hold it straight up over your head. Bring it down slowly to either behind or in front of your head (both work different muscles but define shoulders).
Don’t forget to work your arms with bicep and tricep curls. And the more defined your abs are the more defined your chest is going to look.
Get a weight bench though. It will help a lot. The most important thing at your age is to not hurt yourself. Don’t use too much weight. No need to max out–you want to be doing repetitions with this weight. And especially without a spotter you don’t want to be maxing a weight you might not be able to lift again. Next, don’t go too fast. A common mistake in those new to weight lifting is that it is a speed drill. A single lift (be it legs or biceps) should take 6 seconds. 4 seconds the curl, 2 seconds back to relaxed. There is no benefit to getting momentum up. If you have to use it, you are lifting too much.


Wide arm pushups are best for gaining chest muscles. Learn to listen to your body. While doing the exercises, pay attention to which muscles you are flexing.


You are on the right track. Wide. Close. One armed. Clapping in between. Go for it.
Here’s one my partner does. He takes a deck of cards and flips one. 5 of spades? Five pushups. Then some jumping jacks or abs. Then another card. Etc etc. Sounds easy…


Pretty much any form of push ups will help to change those annoying man boobs into muscle.


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Well yes, pushups are good to gain muscle. if you say you have extra fat, then I suggest running and doing 20 push-ups every 3 minutes do this for 1/2 hour to 1 hour. you will get cut.