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Can obese people really float in water?



The more muscle you have, the more you sink like a rock. The more fat cells you have, the easier you can float. I was a lifeguard and during training when we had to rescue someone from the bottom of the pool, they would always pick a man with muscles because they could stay at the bottom easier and they are the heaviest to lift out of the water.


ummm we all can dumb dumb


Yes, with the help of a life jacket, vest. Sure, why not.




idk but u wanna know how to find out…1.fillup bathtub


Yeah dude… fat is buoyant–it will float.


we all can float dumb a s s


I have no problem. I guess fat floats, right?


uh, yes, everyone can float


whether you’re obese or not …some people float and some people sink b/c of the ammount of oxygen they carry in their blood. more oxygen=more able to float.


god heavens, my mom was huge and she could float for hours in the pools and ocean. she’d actually meditate and relax. yes. it is true, i think when their is more bodyfat than bones ..scientifically, not sure what ratio or how exactly.


lmfao… about the lifejacket, etc.
No… if you try it, you’ll float… even someone who weighs 95 lbs or someone who weighs 495 lbs…
This is due to the effect of the water’s properties on the body’s weight. For some odd reason or another, water goes against the gravitational pull that our bodies exert towards the ground so that in essence, we float.


yes, they can without help, because fat is less dense than water, and thier bodies are primarily made up of fat. We all can not float though. A gymnast whose body is primarily muscle will not be able to float because muscle is more dense than both water and fat.


well can you walk…stupid


all whales can float.


EVERYBODY FLOATS- Just relax, breathe shallow breaths, and you will feel yourself floating!


All people can float.. skinny, overweight, Case and point… Elephants can swim and float.


Everyone floats to some degree. Some right on the surface and some will just below surface. Not following the two principles of relaxation and full lung inflation are two reasons people have trouble floating.


Yep. More buoyancy because of the fat.
But everyone floats, dumb-dumb. People with more body fat float better because of the buoyancy. Everyone has body fat despite what people say, so people all float.
How do I know? I was watching T.V with my uncle and cousin (no choice really) and this one guy that had died drowned and was fairly fat. My cousin asked why he floated and my uncle looked at me and said ‘The more body fat you possess, the more you float’ (well, a bit more… complex but that’s the point).
I was so P.Oed at him (I’m slightly overweight for my height)… I still am and it’s been about 2 years. Course I was more overweight then, I lost like, 20 pounds since then but still, he hates it when people are overweight, so he treats my mom and me differently. (course we try and he does to but often it’s just… him and his American genes =))


Sure can. We float just like battleships.


I’m not overweight and I can float in water (EVERYONE CAN!). Lay on your back in a pool and prepare to be amazed.