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Can I have my son voluntarily locked up somewhere or be put in a padded room so

He is addicted to Oxycontin and cannot be controlled.



yeah you can. go to your local probation department (in your local court house) and discuss your sons addiction. you can request he be put in juvenile hall for the weekend or so to “scare him” but that might turn in to him being put on probation. and then from probation could lead to drug court where they piss test weekly, and if he throws out a dirty or diluted sample they take him to juvenile hall for the weekend. but drug court is the best thing for some people, AA is a requirment and drug & alcohol counseling comes with it so it could be beneficial in the long run


If you son is an addicti and he is underage it is very posible that you can have him admitted to a rehab facility. However, I am not sure that they will put him in a padded cell unless he poses a threat to himself.


ummmmmmm. i’d guess no. trap him in the house and call the police as soon as he comes home


why a padded room, perhaps a jail cell would be more appropriate?
Have you tried to get him into rehab before “shocking him straight”?


Yes. Go to a police department and ask them.