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Can I grow taller I am 19 and still in puberty?

I am an 18 year old male( turning 19 in 2 months) and I have grown 3/4 of an inch in the past year. However my growth as always kind of been steady, I never really had a huge growth spurt( peak was 2 inches in one year 14-15) At 5’8 3/8 at just 15 my growth pattern told me that I was going to be 5’11, well it never happened( Dad is like 5’11.5 mom 5-4) Both of my grandpas were 6 feet). when I turned 17 I had grown only to 5 foot 9. I Thought I was done growing( even though I looked like a 14 year old without any hair on my face) Well when I turned 18 during last summer, all of a sudden my voice started cracking, started growing light facial hair, fine chest hairspimples all over the place and grew .70 of an inch to my current height of 5’9.7 I still have very oily skin and my voice still breaks occasinaly and my facial hair grows very slo?w. In your opinion how much height can you think I can get, and people think I look like I am 16



If you genitals are funtioning properly then you are past puberty, but human growth can continue until 25 in some cases. Take it easy, you will get past the unpleasent stuff before long. If you are a guy, theres no need to worry about being too tall and you will mature more and more!


the average age of ending growth is 21. i say u still have a pretty good chance of reaching somewhere near 5’11” or slightly under. who knows, u might reach 6′.


yes boys dont stop growing unitl they are like 21.all depending on your genetics in my family its like 23 ish but average is 21.


You will continue to grow until your 21 years of age.


boys grow until age 21, so don’t worry. true story…I went away to college and a year later I saw a boy I knew who was your age, I didn’t even recognize him, he had grown and developed hair in one yr.


i hope so…im 17 and 5’61/2. i haven’t grown in a while im hoping i hit a spurt b4 im done. height works weird like that and it’s different for everyone. people at 18 or 19 dont grow very much more, maybe an inch, max 2. but you may be different…and 5’9” is perfectly fine, i hope to god i get to 5’9”!


Absolutely. Boys still grow till they hit the age about 25.
1.Try working out in gym. Take the gym instructors advice on exercises that will help you with your height.
2. Swimming definitely helps.
3. Do stretching exercises every morning
4. Eat lots of carbohydrates and drink lots of milk.


be happy being 5’9″, and chill out your average height


Hold on to looking younger than your years – you’ll bless that gift a bit later on. My husband grew a beard because everyone thought he was a lot younger than his actual age but now at 74 he’s really chuffed when people ask him where he works?
As for height – it’s no big deal being very tall. My daughter had big problems finding a good choice of clothes and shoes for tall girls which were within her budget.
I reckon you’ll get over 5′ 10″ in the next few years.
Enjoy being young!


Depend’s if your a smoker forget it and if your not don’t think it would make any difference you stop growing at the age of 22 anyway so you only have three yrs left my guess is you will allways be between 5ft 7 and 5ft 9….