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Can i grow taller anymore?

well, i had my period when i was reaching 14. then i had a growth spurt of almost 3 inches in 1 year. however, most people say that girls stop growing 2 years after they have their period. if that is the case, does that mean i am almost done as i am 4 months to 16? is it possible to have another growth spurt again just before the 2 years end? i am only 5’2 still, and want to be taller.
if this helps. my mum had her period at 17 (very late, no idea why) and shot until she was about 19. she was very, very short when she was 17, and is now slightly more than 5’2. my dad is also very short, about 5’4 or so.



I have never heard that – about stopping growing 2 years after your period. I think that it depends on your parents and other relatives. I am taller than both of my parents. Look at your aunts and uncles as well as your parents. If they are all about the same height, you are probably going to be on the short side. Sorry.


i grew a couple inches after i was 19..im 5’8″ sometimes i wish i was petite.i think petite women seem more feminine…but see everyone wants something they don’t have.but also i have a hard time finding pants long enough.i have to pay more


Women grow until they are about 20. You still have time. (Height is based on genetics)