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Can I get over a UTI w o meds or do i need to go to the dr?



It all depends on your own body and your general health. Yes, you can heal on your own without meds. However, a UTI could damage your bladder and if it spreads to your kidneys, which tends to happen in some people, you could encounter some serious consequences, including kidney failure. Your best bet is to get to the doctor.
Refer to the Web site I listed below.


A UTI is generally caused by bacteria and, thus, require antibiotics to cure it. See your dr


I had one and I just drank a whole bunch of cranberry juice and it went away after a few days. Try it and if it doesnt work then it may be a really bad one so go to the dr.


depends on how long you’ve had it. I find that if I catch it day one and treat with alka seltzer every four hours, the urine becomes very alkaline and kills the bacteria. But if you are into the second 24 hours, the growth of bacteria is too great to be able to affect it that way and yeah, you need to see a doctor for antibiotics.


You can try drinking enormously large quantities of cranberry juice. However, if it doesn’t clear in a day or two (2 days tops), then you’ll need to see your doctor. Infections really shouldn’t be let go because they can spread into the blood stream and wreak havoc on your body.


no / you/ need/ to be/ treated /by/ Dr


are you sure that what you have is a UTI? A yeast infection can cause the same kind of symptoms. I seen an over the counter test at Walgreens that determines if you have a UTI, I thought it was so cool. Anyway, if you do have one, it usually takes antibiotics to clear it up. Drinking lots of cranberry juice and water helps, but I don’t think you can completely get rid of it without antibiotics.


How do you know you’ve got UTI? You did not mention any signs or symptoms.


the I in UTI stands for infection. You do, in fact, need antibiotics. That means that you will either have to go to a dr.’s or clinic or call your dr. if it’s a “prescribe over the phone” type dr.
Don’t wait cause the longer you wait, the more it will hurt. In the interim, drink Cranberry juice or take a pill called Cystex. They’re essentially cranberry pills.


UTIs are infections and they need antibiotics.


Cranberry Juice


If residual infection remains it becomes chronic and may cause serious damage to kidneys. Go to the doc.


Cranberry juice (not cocktail) actually works for me…help flush everything and cranberry are supposed to have healing properties.
But if its moved into your kidneys you will need to seek professional advise.


UTI is coz by bacteria..u can take anti biotic den drink plenty of water..it really help u..