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Can I get anymore height?

I am an 18 year old male( turning 19 in 2 months) and I have grown .60 of an inch in the past year. However my growth as always kind of been steady, I never really had a huge growth spurt( peak was 2 inches in one year 14-15) At 5’8 1/2 at just 15 my growth pattern told me that I was going to be 5’11, well it never happened( Dad is 5’11.5 mom 5-4) Both of my grandpas were 6 feet). when I turned 17 I had grown only to 5 foot 9. I Thought I was done growing( even though I looked like a 14 year old without any hair on my face) Well when I turned 18 during last summer, all of a sudden my voice started cracking, started growing light facial hair, fine chest hairspimples all over the place and grew 3/4 of an inch to my current height of 5’9.7. I still have very oily skin and my voice still breaks occasinaly and my facial hair grows very slow. Do you think I can grow somemore, maybe as tall as my dad?



My dad told me protein helps make people tall. He’s 6’4″
Thats just his hypothesis though. Still, its worth a try.


yea its definately possible to grow a bit more in the next few years. Hieght is hard to tackle- just eat healthy and get good sleep.
Beware of growing out (freshman 15) beer gut
Get bigger by wieght training and eating alot (still healthily)
if ur really concerned about hieght i know they make shoes with look normal but give u an extra inch or so


If you are lucky you might keep growing until you are 20 or 21 which is rare and uncommon and if you do hopefully you will also grow taller.