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Best kind of Tampon for a 14 year old?

I am going to California and guess who wants to come? Uggghhhh. I can’t even get the stupid tampon in yet! What kind of tampons would you recommend for me? I am quite small, virgin, never gotten one up me yet. So i need something easy, and thin. And i have regular to light flow.
Thanks for the help.
Please make this a 1 day period :):)



aww. they make teen sized tampons. im in ur boat though. nothing works. try slim. put some vaseline on the tip, it may help to get it in. good luck. have fun on your trip!


okay.. it takes practice.. and I suggest tampax.. or whatever its called.. anyways.. squat down.. and angle the tampon.. that should work better.. once you get the hang of it its easy.. and if it really hurts when you sit down then you have it angled wrong.


Use tampons with plastic applicators, they’re easier to get in. Try Tampax Pearl or Tampax Sport if you’re swimming. Good Luck!!


I suggest getting a good brand of tampons (i.e Tampax) and getting the slender ones since you are a virgin and a tampon virgin. In every box, they give instructions on how to insert it. Follow them carefully and remember to relax. If you dont, you could cause some nerve damage. Tampons are more dangerous than pads, but if used correctly, theyre o.k


I’m in the boat with you, but LUCKY! I’m not going to CA.
I’m trying tampax lite for my first time.
You probably just want to buy 3-4 kinds and test it out, whatever feels best.
Good luck