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Best form of birth control for cramps?

i recently got off birth control because i was no longer having sex, yet i forgot after being on the pill for 4 years how bad cramps can be so i want to go back on. Recently i’ve heard about “the ring” and it sounds great (not having to remember to take the pill everyday)…but would it still be as good as the pill for cramps? if anyone finds some good websites about this please post them…i can’t find any on this specific issue…thanks!



I just want to say that cramps are not a very good reason to stay on birth control considering the damage and risks that go along with it. I am a firm believer in alternative birth control methods even for women who are sexually active. Take some ibuprofin and deal with it. I was on the shot for 7 years and didn’t even have a cycle the entire time. It sucks, but it’s all a part of being a women and that is a gift. Your long term health should be more important then a few days of cramps evrey month. Try a heating pad. Running or jogging helps too. You can find lots of ways to get rid of cramps honey.


www. womensring. org. www. womenshealth. com the ring you are talking about is not safe from getting pragnet . in my opion?


the best advise i can give you is… go back on the pill swty.