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Best facewash care system for teens ?

Please help! my dermotologist doesn’t kknow what shes doing! and im on vacation for 3 more weeks so i need something that i can purchase at a drug store!! help i have lots of black heads and a few big zits. its unnnattractive. im 15 and a half. hheelllpp



Neutrogena and Biore both have cleansers for blackheads and zits that work well. A good home remedy for getting rid of pimples is toothpaste. Put a dab right on the pimple. It helps to dry out the pimple alot quicker than anything else. Don’t pick at them and make sure you wash your face daily (mornings and right before you go to bed). I’m sure you will see the change within days. Good luck!


go to your docter!, and ask for differen
it helpss, you will have results in a few days/
waywwayy bvetter then proactive


proactive works great.


use the mildest scrub available in the market since you are not sure about the brand. use clean and clear face wash by jhnson n johnson


Honestly, the best thing you can do is just to live with it. You’re a teen in puberty, you’re going to be getting acne for a few more years. Try the New Clearasil kit, or a gental foaming face wash followed by a moisturizer with an SPF no lower than 15.


theres a few good things.. st. ives blemish and blackhead control, clean and clear daily face wash (it says cleaner skin in just 3 days guarenteed), biore pore unclogging, or neutrogena oil free acne wash. goodluck


well, if youre on vacation, pick up some clearasil ultra, or neutrogena. those work great . when you get home, order some proactiv, its the best investment i’ve made. it really cleared up my skin. good luck