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Best cure product for constipation with backache?



try using pitted prunes, they really work but if you dislike them try senokot s. its sold over the counter and is expensive but also works. its a stool softener not a laxative and is best taken at bedtime. enemas work but are not necessary!






Constipation Home Remedies
Treat constipation using fig newtons
Treat constipation using fig newtons – To help with constipation eat 4 fig Newton’s each day. It works the same way as prunes and raisins.
Treat constipation using baby yogurt – When my boy was a baby he had really bad colic. I fed him baby yogurt every day sometimes twice daily. I noticed that the constipation was gone until I stopped giving him the baby yogurt.
Treat constipation with baby yogurt
Treat constipation using black liquorish
Treat constipation using black liquorice – If you suffer from constipation try eating black liquorish every day.
Treat constipation using apple cider vinegar – This remedy will prevent constipation. Prevention is always better than cure. Simply down 1 or 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar each day.
Treat constipation using apple cider vinegar
Treat constipation with walnuts – For constipation eat 1/3 to 1/2 cup of walnuts. You will have bowel movement within 6 hours. Doing this each day will keep constipation at bay.
Treat constipation using prune juice – If you are suffering with the pain of constipation drink a glass of pure juice or eat half a cup of prunes. This is guaranteed to work.
Treat constipation using prune juice
Treat constipation using castor oil
Treat constipation with castor oil – My mother always gave us this remedy as a child growing up when we had constipation. Swallow 5ml of castor oil. No more than 5ml or you might regret it.


add fiber to your diet. try to include in every meal, whether whole grain bread/cereal, or apple, nuts, rice and beans.
lay off the caffeinated drinks and carbonated drinks, those can dehydrate and cause issues with contipations.
for backache, hard to tell when you don’t know what is causing it. one way is to rest it then, strengthen back muscles little by little. other is to ease pressure off your back when its acting up. lie on your back with knees up.
yoga and stretching as well.


Eat lots of fruit, salad and drink lots of water. Go for a walk. Walking stimulates movement in the intestines.


Prunes should definitely get things going. Also, starting at the lower left side of your abdomen, massage in small circles CLOCKWISE. Continue doing these small little circles up the left side, across the top of your abdomen just under the rib cage, and down the right side of your abdomen. This is loosening the fecal matter in your intestines. This massage is following the reverse way of your large intestine.
The purpose of massaging in clockwise circles is to help things get flowing. Massaging counter-clockwise will actually block you up even more.
Yes, you are essentially doing the whole intestine backwards of the way it flows but this is to loosen the matter closest to the rectum and give the rest of the matter a place to move to. If you loosen from the beginning of the large intestine and finish at the end you are loosening matter but it has nowhere to move to.
If I am confusing you on how to accomplish this please feel free to email me.