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Being on top Ladies only plz?

I hate bein on top for very long b/c i get tired easily and it becomes a workout. Am i just one lazy chicc or is this a common situation??!!?!



If you are in the squatting position it can be very tiring while on top. However if your knees are on the bed and you are straddling him, and you are bouncing up and down but you are just moving your hips it really isnt that tiring. I would try that. That is how I get off and I don’t get too tired at all.


think of it as good exercise. you are being a little bit lazy-keep doing it and your stamina can only get better


I think its a very common feeling because I know I feel the same way. I have had a few great experiences though. I enjoyed him on the couch me on top but in a squating position and holding onto the back of the couch behind his head. This helps me use my arms and take some of the strain off my thighs. Give it a shot! LOL


Obviously you are not getting any pleasure from it or you wouldn’t mind the workout. Try leaning forward resting your outstretched arms on your partners chest. Not only does it make it less of a workout, you now have leverage, but it also helps you receive double stimulation.


Good lordy!! Sounds lazy to me! Think about the workouts the guys do!!


I could never stand to be on top. It’s just not comfortable for me.


Being on top is really like a work out.. I hate being on top because I don’t enjoy it as much being on top also I don’t feel it that much. Its all about what makes you feel it better. I wouldn’t say you are lazy, but once in a while you need to make your man happy while being on top.


It feels better for me to be on top but yes, I get tired easily.
I also am used to other positions rather than me being on top so I have not been able to build up my arm and leg strength as much as he has in order to “last longer”.
If you want to be on top more often, practice more often and youll build up the muscles for it.
Also, dont go so fast starting out. Start slow.


Being on top is a good workout because it works your legs and gives you a cardio workout, too. If you get tired easily, switch it up to where ya’ll finish with him on top or other ways.


yup…it’s work alright
I’m not fond of the position myself for the very same reason.


I would go with what someone else said, about straddling him while your knees are on the bed, because that does help. I wouldn’t say you were lazy either, it can be very tiring on top depending on what position you’re in. My boyfriend likes it most though, so I do what I can to make him happy and he does the same. If you become too tired while on top, then maybe just change positions during sex would be my suggestion.


I think we are all lazy chicks when we are on top. My legs and butt get tired also. I try to hang on as long as possible and who knows i might get buns of steel from this. LOL


The general consensus is that most women prefer NOT to be on top for the very same reasons you mentioned, getting tired fast.
From a man’s view, having you on top for a few minutes has wonderful benefits (kissing, squeezing, nuzzling the “you know whats”), the wild hair in your face, your gyrations, the sweat glistiening on your body, you taking control and moving into the position that feels best for you, etc.
You don’t need to spend all you time on top, just a few minutes, just enough for us to take in the view, the feeling and your beauty.