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Being on birthcontrol and skipping sugar pills to not get period?

i have been on aviane for three months now and i dont want to get my peruiod this month because i’ll be on vacation. will i get my period if i skip the green pills (sugar pills) or will i have side effects? i knwo your not supposed to do it but ti’s only a once ina while thing like 2 or 3 times a year



Yes, if you skip the placebos and continue with your birth control pills, you will not have a period.
There are several brands on the market that are low dose made just for this purpose. You can have just a couple of periods a year.
Us old timers read about this little trick in “Cosmo” back in the old days, and it works today.
However, if you decide you’d like to go this route on a regular basis, do tell your doctor or family planning clinic that you want to go with the pill that allows you to skip periods.
Enjoy your vacation and don’t worry!


actually this is what the newer pills like seasonale do, they skip the “sugar” pills for those 2 months…
wont hurt u but u could still have breakthrough bleeding


You most likely will not get your period if you skip the sugar pills, however you may experience spotting. They now have pills where you only get your period every three months or not at all, that is an option for you in the future.


i was told by my gyno that this trick only works for the monophasic pills. that if you are on tri phasic pills (different leves different weeks) it will not work