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Being in the sun makes me very hot and gives me a terrible headache Can I do an

It gets even worse if I do some kind stuff outside, like mowing my lawn or something. I have to hose myself with cold water like every 5 minutes, and even then, after I’m done (I usually spend around 30-45 minutes out in the sun at a time) I feel weakness and usually get a headache.
It doesn’ get too hot where I live – in summer usually 85-95 degrees.
My blood pressure is normal, I’m 6’2″, 180 lbs; any help will be appreciated.



Each person is made differently. Some cannot stand heat, others cold. And it changes as hormonal changes take place.
I am sure you do very well in Winter.
I’d suggest the following things.
Take a cool shower prior to working in the Sun. Keep head under cool water. Helps.
Take a cooling drink. Like lemonade with mint.
Like some mentioned, take plenty of water on a regular basis.
And do put on a hat and sun glasses.
Keep some cool drink near you. Keep drinking, time to time. I think u also need salts and some sugar as your energy level goes down.
Also, alternately, you can try warm tea before you go out. I have heard in warm countries they take tea and not cool drinks when it gets hot outside.
Hope it helps. Wish you best.


im just like that and have been my hole life. wear a hat and sunglasses it has to do with the reflection and brightness of the sun. stay close to shade and ull be just fine


Do you drink lots of water? I don’t sweat so it’s hard for me to do a lot outside. My doctor could only tell me to drink water and try to keep cool and to stay out of the sun (DUH!)
Don’t wear a tight hat (baseball cap). This keeps the heat in. If you want to wear a hat, make it a floppy hat (I know, you will probably look ridiculous but it will help). I also carry around those little ice packs you keep in the freezer and put them on my neck and chest a lot.


I hope you are wearing a broad brimmed hat. I hope you are drinking plenty of water. I hope you are wearing sunscreen. I hope you are wearing sunglasses.
Avoid alcohol, coffee, wear light colored clothes that fit loosely.