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Bees get rid of arthritis?

I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in every joint of my body. I wont grow out of it seeing as im 19 and i’ve had it for 5 years now. I just saw on TV that people let bees sting them to get rid of their arthritis for good.. is that true? or does it just help the pain?



It’s called apitherapy and it’s used to treat arthritis, multiple sclerosis, malaria, and many others. Right now the evidence is only anecdotal so take everything you hear with a grain of salt and go get an allergy test before starting. You don’t have to use live bees either; bee venom is available in vials for injection, cream form, and even pill form. The injectable forms seem to be yielding the best results with summer venom being more potent than winter venom. There are even folks called apitherapists that administer this treatment. The link below has tons of info on diseases, where to find apitherapists,etc. Heck, why not just become a beekeeper and have all the bees you want. In my years of keeping bees I’ve never met an arthritic beekeeper. Good luck!


i think its insane. ill stick with my arthritus, im not fond of bee stings.


I don’t think bees help as much as people think. maybe talk to a doctor about other treatments, like remicade. that stuff really helped my dad.


I have arthuritis too. I have seen and heard the same thing. I know someone who could hardly walk til they took up the practice of being stung. There is something in the bee venom that counters the arthuritis for some reason. I am just not into getting stung. I am allergic to bees of any kind anyway. I think it’s just nuts! But my friend lives with very little pain and can walk with no problem now. I think there is something to it. It is worth researching too.


Hi, I remember reading about that awhile back. You have to go in once a month and have so many bees sting you and they say, It works for one month and then you have to go back and start again. I have arthritis and my joints in my fingers are deforming and the joints have been getting lock and it really hurts to unlock them. Plus it’s in in my neck and spine and a few other places. If i could find someone local that does this i would go in once every month and have the bees sting me. It would be worth getting sting to get rid of the Arthritis pain. If you find out where to go for these treatments PLEASE let me know on this site!


thanks my neighbor will sure be glad to hear this the next time we talk. GOD bless YOU” good luck