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Been getting very sharp chest pains for a wile now Somebody know what this coul

The Dr ran some tests including x-rays, heart sonar and blood tests and told me not to worry. The pain is sharp and the area around my sternum is a bit tender. This has been going on for months now. Anybody know what this is?



Costrochondritis, inflammation of the cartilidge that connects the ribs to the sternum, is my first thought. I am happy to hear that you went to your doctor first and ruled out some possible serious causes. Go to the link I have as my source for more about costrochondritis.


You may want to go to another doctor, so you have more than one opinion. It could be anything, from heart problems/angina problems, or it could be panic attacks/anxiety. You also could have pulled something somehow, or hit something.


Does the pain get worse when you breath in deeply? If so it might be costochondritis:


it could be caused by stress if you’ve been really stressed lately you should take it easy..


It sounds like condyll costeritis, forgive the spelling, however, if you are not satisfied with your Dr.s diagnosis, see another one. Good Luck!!


I sometimes get sharp pains when I eat or directly after. They aren’t really painful but just a nuscience