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Becoming a nurse bad experience what should i do now?

hey everyone! i am volunteering at hospital to see what i am interested it. Sad to say that being a nurse was one of them. Since i go every tuesday to do my tasks for the day. i truly understand that i do not want to be around sick people at all( but remember i did know how a nurses’ enviromant was going to be) i want to help people with a health problems but i dont want deal with life threatening issues.
what i would like to know is their any other kind of careers thats kind of close to nurses’ salary or job! thank you!



Sure there is. Maybe you would like looking into X-ray Tech, Ultra Sound, jobs of that nature. My cousin does Ultra Sounds and she started her own business going to different Dr’s offices. It breaks the monotony of being in one place and she does very well financially.


Social worker, counselor, lab technician…I doubt if they make as much as a nurse though


do x-ray your not around sick people just injured people


If you don’t want to be around sick people all day, then definitely something outside of medicine in the hospital setting. How about being a pharmacist? If you still want something kind of medical.


once you become a nurse, you can specialize in a different area. what about kids/ babies??


You should be and EMT or a Paramedic! My friend does that and she loves it! And she gets paid very well.


Nurses have a lot of opportunities,private duty office nurses, company nurses, school nurses, check these out first.


One option that I can think of is being a visiting nurse. What you do is go to the houses of people who just got out of the hospital or shouldn’t be driving. You do tests on them to make sure they are fine and answer any questions they may have. Along with other duties. This might be better for you because these people aren’t sick enough to be in a hospital. They just need a little extra help.


medical assistant. Not as much money though.


being a nurse doesn’t mean you have to work in a hospital. there are many different avenues you could go down with nursing. it is such a flexible career. you could work in a doctors office, a rehab, home care, nurse midwife, nurse practitioner (thats where the big bucks are), hospice, labor and delivery..it goes on and on. You could also look into physical therapy or occupational therapy, those pay very well and there is a demand for them also.
Oh and biomike, I guess you have never been in the hospital or had a family member taken care of by a nurse. We are with the patient for 8-12 hours at a time. We are the eyes and ears of the doctor. A lot of nurses I know, know more than the doctors. You are an ignorant fool. When your life needs saving you can bet it will be by an EMT, Paramedic or Nurse.


Become a doctor you loser-nurses are for the poor who cannot afford real college!!They are he maids of the hospital!!
Little Tricky::::::: Get a life you dummy
Nurse Nancy- oh, and by the way- you with your community college degree , you think you know more, but you do not, take it from me- I am a doctor with years of experience and some of you nurses scare me, degree from a cracker jack box…


pharmacy makes a ton of money. they start of at 120,000 a year


my moms a nurse but she only deals with paper work..
what about a school nurse.. medical billing.. maybe you could be a nurse in the hosp nursery.. the nurse at the allergist office just gives injections all day..
theres nursing jobs without having to be around sick people.


You could work in a doctor’s office where you would mainly deal with check ups and visits for minor problems.
You could work in the office of a hospital or doctor. You could be a physical therapist, X-ray technician, do ultra-sounds, mammograms, or something similar.
You could be a school nurse.


Why not try employment at a doctor’s office? You simply see people for a few minutes while checking their vital signs, draw blood on occasion, Temps, BP’s.
You may be suffering from some form of depression and don’t realize it. I’m not very good around hospitals myself, so I know the feeling, but I like to help people.
Good Luck!


WHY would you want to become a nurse if you don’t want to be around ‘sick people’ all the time? You could try sometihing like being a ‘personal trainer’ in a gym (they work with some sick people, but most are ‘generally healthy’ and just need ‘help’ in getting more fit), or a social worker (which will require at least a Master’s Degree) … or you could become a psychologist, since the only ‘life threatening’ things they usually deal with are people who are wanting to commit suicide … you are young, and you have ‘time to choose’ your career, so BE VERY CAREFUL when you are ‘choosing’ and choose wisely, because you won’t want to keep doing it ‘for the rest of your life’ if you don’t LOVE IT to begin with.


There are many areas of nursing that you can go into where you work in a setting that is not being around sick people all of the time or working in a hospital setting. A spinal cord stimulator representative is typically an RN, but they work with people who typically have chronic pain- you would go into surgery with them, and take care of the programming of their spinal cord stimulator after they have it implanted.


Maybe you should consider becomming a councelor? Or a teacher, although that pays a lot less. You could stay in the hospital and become an xray technician or something like that, they dont deal with the patients like the nurses do, I believe. Good luck!


You could still be a nurse. There are many kinds of nursing jobs besides staff nursing in a hospital. You could do home care, case management, work in a physicians office or radiology. Even in the hospital, there is the IV team, nurse management, GI lab, angiogram department…and so many more. There are so many opportunities for nurses now and you can get a job anywhere.wherever you decide to live.