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Be a Virgin everynight? Virgin makeover herbs?

I received an email last week introducing some looks wonderful, sort of virgin makeover kind of herbs.
One is called Manjakani Gel which made from Manjakani herbs that claimed to TONE & TIGHTEN vagina!
The other one is Cherry Pink which made from Sakura extract that claimed to turn our lips and nipple to instant pink!
I’m quite tempted to give a try. Can you help me to evaluate to see if it is ok?
The articles are from
Anyone has tried any of those products, would appreciate your feedbacks.



Why? It makes no sense at all. Are you spamming?


If you want to waste your money and time then go ahead. Dude, these ads are like the ‘increase your penis size x2 in a week’ ads. You have to be reallllllllyyy gullible to believe that crap.


those things are just a way to make money… i don’t even have to look at the site to tell you that, the products are probably hella expensive and they probably over sell it (which that would make me suspicious in the first place)
and the only way you can become tight again is by going to a plastic surgeon and spending butt loads of money. no cream or lotion can give you that back


Hello,I checked the site.And? It is b…sh… ! Don’t buy that stuff. Somebody like to make money.


You can actually get temporary stuff like that from sex stores, called China Shrink Cream.


I’m using manjakani plus gel, quite like the effect. It is actually call Oak Gall, is a kind of plant.