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Bathing postpartum pregnancy?

i kno they say yooh cant bathe for 4-6 weeks after having a c-section but what will happen if yooh do?…i really hate showering all the time an not being able to take a bath…i am 2 1/2 weeks postpartum after having a c-section so i may be willing to take that chance because i dont understand y yooh cant in the first place an i really really want to badly…



The big risk of a bath is infection. Sitting in water doesn’t flush away the bacteria and can even force bacteria back up into your vagina and urethra. Ask any woman who gets frequent yeast and/or bladder infections and you will find that most of them take baths instead of showers. Showers are better in that respect whether you just gave birth or not.
At 2.5 weeks the tissue around the incision is still highly traumatized and VERY susceptible to infection. Because of that, your overall immune system is still very stressed and that makes your vagina and bladder more vulnerable even though they weren’t involved in the birth (actually your bladder WAS involved, so it is still irritated after being moved around too)…
Try buying a little stool and taking a sit down shower… then stand for a final rinse at the end… then use a little oil after you get out… You still get the pampered skin of a bath, but without the infection risk…
Ed, RN


You could get an infection if you break the incision area – which would mean a very painful visit to the doctor. I had an infection once in an incision and it hurt like hell when I had to go to the doctor to get it looked at.


The Doctors tell us not to take tub baths for good reasons: Not only can you get an infection in your incision, that area where you were cut needs to stay dry to keep bacteria from growing there. Hold on just a few more weeks and you will be able to enjoy your baths once again. Remember if you get an infection you will have to wait even longer. I do know how you feel I was once in your shoes. It’s far better to shower and have the water roll off your incision than to sit in a tub of water. Suppose you didn’t rinse the tub well that could spell trouble for you.