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Basal Body temperature?

what is basal body temperature? Ive been feeling warm and my skin stayed warm when it was cold in the house>>does that mean my basal temperature is up and I could be pregnant? Ive been feeling warm lately and didnt get cold that easly.



You need a basal thermometer to check your basal body temperature.


It’s the lowest body temperature of the day, usually the temperature upon awakening in the morning. Often charted daily and used to determine fertility for either contraceptive results or to achieve pregnancy.
For most women, 96 to 98 degrees is considered normal prior to ovulation and 97 to 99 degrees after ovulation. By charting the differences – in one-tenth degree increments – you can determine when ovulation has taken place.
So that you can take your BBT accurately, you will need to purchase a special glass fertility thermometer which has each degree marked in tenths. You can also use an unbreakable electronic digital thermometer. This is a easier to use than a glass thermometer because it makes a beeping sound when a stable temperature is reached. It also stores the information until you are ready to read or record it. If you are using a glass fertility thermometer remember to shake it down well before using.
You can record you temperature from the mouth, vagina, or rectum but be consistent: your BBT will be slightly different depending on which route you choose. If you use a glass thermometer leave it in place for five minutes before reading the temperature. If the mercury falls between two numbers record the lowest temperature every time. A digital thermometer will need about a minute to “beep” with a temperature reading.
***A basal body thermometer (BBT) is an ultrasensitive thermometer that tracks your body’s exact temperature. A digital thermometer is your best bet. These are fairly cheap and can be purchased at any pharmacy. Each thermometer kit comes with a blank graph. These graphs may have space for you to record PMS symptoms.***
I hope this was helpful,Take Care! 🙂