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Ball behind nipple S S S S S?

Ok…so im 11 (soon to be 12) i’m female and i have a ball behind my left nipple ((=S)) only on the left not the right. I am not sure if it is my nipple developing or something i should be aware of!! I don’t want to go to a doctor or my mom as its embarrasing and if it’s just my nipple developing it will be VERY embarrasing??
if you have any experience or ANY idea at all what it might be PLEASE help!!
sometimes if you press it, it can be painful!



It could quite possibly be a cyst. If it’s that embarassing, wait a week to see if it improves. If it doesn’t, it’s extremely important that you see a doctor because you’re still developing. Trust me, your mom probably went through some funny things when she was growing up too. Don’t be afraid to let her know what’s going on.


vague judgement based on your complain will harm you only. better wait, or talk to your mom or consult doc. do not hesitate. or shy or go to some quaker. your life will be spoiled if you just take one wrong step. for fear of ridicule or anger from your family or friends


please tell your mom
she went through this as well she knows how it feels
she wont laugh
it could simply be a cyst but no chances
please tell your mom


Don’t be embarrass…Go see a doctor…That is what they are there for…It’s probably nothing serous but you should never take a chance with your health…If it was the beginning of a cancer tumor wouldn’t you be happy you went to the doctor right away while they could still do something about it instead of cutting off one of your breasts or even worse DEATH>>> I know you are only 11 and I don’t want to scare the crap out of you but really come on just think how much better you are going to feel after you go..


;-{} AwWw”H” come on,’ honestly!.. that may be just STUPID not to tell first a parent !! which MIGHT,’?’`either tell you of a same problem !?! & maybe advice of what to do because they have had or knows someone about this !! “Nobody on the planet is TOo young or old to have many certain things that may affect ones health !! Please do,’ Tell someone of this !! &<G/L>~! “R”r,r`r’r.r`,r’r`.’-


heyy…thts normal..happens probably 2 every gal…ur nipples r developin…jus talk it out 2 ur mom..dont feel shy…its not at al embarassin.in case u ve stil got doubts in ur mind consult a gynaec


It sounds like it is your nipple developing but you should have it checked anyway. Don’t worry, your doctor has seen it all! The only way to get over being embarrassed by doctors for ‘female” things is to go. You need to get used to it and protect your health so take a deep breath, tell your mom, and off you go to the doctor.


it’s probably just you nipple starting to develop my daughter had that at 11 (just 1 side and sometimes sore) and within 12 months her breasts were developing….. you could ask close friends if it’s happened to them, but best let your mom know, after all she’s had it all happen to her before