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Baking soda for a yeast infection?

some one told me to use it.. and it burned! i dont think i was a good i dea.. can some one help me



besides monostat which was mentioned ( if you cant afford name brand walmart does offer and equal product and is cheaper) you should also eat yogurt it has bacteria in it that surpresses the infection couldnt hurt but the longer you wait the worse the symptoms I have never heard of using baking soda other than in a bath for rashes




go to walmart and get the actual treatment, monostat, its for sale near the pads and such. less than ten dollars, no kitchen cure helps, however eating yogurt with live cultures can help stave off the infection if you are prone to it.


the only thing that fixes a yeast infection is overcounter cream from chemist for thrush believe me i tried all the others


go to the doctor are you kidding me? or like they sell some cream or something- i dont think baking soda is a good idea


If you are going to use anything, especially a homemade remedy, use a vinegar and water solution or, believe it or not, plain yogurt. I read it in some ladies magazine. Or just ask your doctor for a prescription for diflucan, it’s just one pill, two at the most and it’s gone in a flash.